LINA MAXINE Explores Her Softer Side by The Sea on “Let Me (Sweeter)”

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An empowering Lina Maxine lets the hushed quiet of the atmosphere speak volumes as “Let Me (Sweeter)” presents a different portrait of the artist. Her work, neatly fitting into the power pop and acoustic prog-rock genre, offers a complete 180 with this stripped-down version. The guitar work has so much strength poured into it. Many of the guitar’s gestures have a raw grit and soul, highlighting Lina’s voice’s bluesy effect. 

Lina frames the piece as a return to the song’s roots, as the chords and guitar riffs that inspired her deserved that additional focus. She highlights her voice, which is different from the electronic version –full of vulnerability. This tactic lets the listener see another side of Lina. She loves to sing and dance; she loves long walks on the beach, and, most importantly, she enjoys the gothic aura that wearing all black on the beach brings. The natural rhythms of the guitars result in this sense of seeming endlessness. Even the video has a way of suggesting the infinite; with the framing of the filming of the sunset, the setting offers the possibility of a new day, of making new connections, and of forming stronger bonds. 

Verses explore the concept of community, of being there for each other. People’s lives might not always be ideal, and Lina says she will hold them when things go wrong. This comfort, this compassion for other people, was always present in the lyrics. Yet, letting the guitar nimbly dance across the lyricism emphasizes this mantra. She also dances in the video, a form of liberation, presenting a safe harbor from the frequently harsh environment the world unnecessarily presents people with. In that way, it gains a soothing disposition. For all the acoustic aspects of the work, her message feels highly contemporary as relationships between people have grown deeper and been proven necessary for a healthy, fulfilling life that radiates joy. 

An underlying joy is of the essence throughout the piece. She offers salvation. This is done through a highly intimate approach to the arrangement. Guitar chords sometimes feel akin to a piano, as the difference between the soft and loud strikes adds a much-appreciated contrast. She lets the song’s authenticity speak volumes within the journey, as it has a conversational tenor. The message behind the verses becomes clear by presenting the music in a different light from a different angle. Her voice shows strength, a desire to shelter those currently suffering. It is, in its own right, an inspiring work. 

Part of the inspiration stems from playing an intimate acoustic show in NYC’s Berlin Under A. The audience’s response to this approach convinced her that this might be a path worth traveling. Lush without being overwhelming, Lina allows the lyricism to drip with a sense of compassion and love. Intensity is a significant aspect of the sound, through beautifully and elegantly. She lets the delicate poetry of the lyrics gain more prominence in the vast, hallowed space. 




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