Limoblaze & Elle Limebear Releases “Over”: A Song of Triumph Over the Anxiety and Burdens of Modern Life

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“Over” by Limoblaze is a powerful and timely anthem that addresses the prevailing challenges of anxiety, fear, worry, and addiction in the digital age. Limoblaze, a leading figure in the Afrogospel movement, collaborated with Elle Limebear for “Over”, marking an important intersection of genres with the first collaboration between Limoblaze and a contemporary Christian artist.

The central theme of the song revolves around declaring victory over the struggles that afflict individuals in a world marked by constant comparison and high levels of anxiety. In it, the artists express their unwavering faith in overcoming these difficulties, delivering a message of hope and triumph.

The lyrics of “Over” are a vibrant expression of faith, confidence, and victory over hardships. The song begins by highlighting the fall of the walls and the performance of an answer to prayer. Express confidence in victory and remember that the work is “already done.”

The use of terms such as “Abba” (an Aramaic expression for “father”) and references to God as a “loving Father” reinforce the close and personal relationship with divinity. Trust in God as a safe refuge and a strong tower is emphasized.

The lyrics mention that even in the darkest hours, there is a divine light to guide the way. This symbolism highlights overcoming difficult times with the help of faith and the presence of God. The chorus reinforces the idea that the battle has come to an end and that victory is being fought. The repetition of the phrase “So it is over, over, over, over, over” reinforces the certainty and firmness of the declared victory. The mention of challenges and adversaries acknowledges the reality of facing battles, but trust in God as the victor ensures that by mentioning His name, victory is achieved.

Limoblaze‘s recognition as one of TIDAL’s Emerging Artists to Watch in 2023 attests to her growing influence in the music industry. His previous hit, “Jireh (My Provider)”, featuring Lecrae and Happi, garnered immense success on short-form social media platforms, further solidifying Limoblaze‘s presence on the charts, including Billboard’s Afrobeat Songs chart in the US, Hot Christian Songs chart and Gospel charts.

Awards such as the 2019 Premiere Gospel Award for ‘Best International Act’ in London and two-time winner of the African Gospel Music and Media Awards (AGMMA) further emphasize Limoblaze‘s impact and recognition in the industry. His impressive list of collaborations with renowned artists such as Travis Greene, Da’ T.R.U.T.H., Ada Ehi, Lecrae, Jidenna, Annatoria, and more highlights his versatility and ability to collaborate across genres.

“Over” not only serves as a musical triumph over personal struggles but also solidifies Limoblaze‘s position as a rising star on the music scene, transcending geographic boundaries and uniting listeners through a message of faith, victory, and resilience.




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