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Hailing from Sacramento, CA, we’ve got a new fresh face on the block. Showing an immense amount of promise, indie pop singer and songwriter Serenity has entered the stage. She’s brought an amazing combo, a 2×1 you simply cannot miss! Releasing her brand new single “The Way I Love”, the tune is accompanied by a video and oh boy do I love it when I also get to enjoy music in a visual format. I like to see what artists are capable of, so let’s see what Serinity has to offer this day, shall we?

“The Way I Love You” is an interesting piece. I’ve to admit that indie pop has never been my forte, but I’m always open to new experiences. Serinity conveys her unique mastery right from the beginning. While the rhythm is simple that doesn’t necessarily mean it is bad. Quite the opposite. By combining a straightforward sound with her enchanting voice the result is quite remarkable. Taking heavy inspiration from legends such as Taylor Swift and Alanis Morissette, she has devised a heartbreaking story that will reach the very center of your spirit. Vintage is the style here. We got black and white combined with filters similar to a VHS tape but the framing is like in those old mute 50’s movies. Using her inspiring lyrics and expressive lyrical work we’re drawn to this tale, permeated with an aura of nostalgia and unique artistry. With each verse she expertly puts together a landscape of love, loss and desire. “Every time I look at you – I can see it in your eyes – That you want to be with me – But you’re standing by her side” How can anyone not move hearing this heart wrenching anthem? It is very refreshing to see this level of honesty and authenticity. Serinity pulls no punches. She wants you to feel and to be right by her side in this emotional voyage. She describes her creative process behind the song: “I was inspired to write this song after feeling the hurt and how upset I was from a past relationship. I ended a good relationship for the silliest reasons and had instant regrets but by the time I figured out that I felt that way it was too late and they found someone else. There are not many regrets I have in my life but that relationship was one of them but you can’t change the past and you have to move forward. Sometimes you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” I couldn’t have described it better myself.

Using her extraordinary style I can see Serinity transcending the boundaries of music. At the beginning I mentioned that indie pop was not really my thing but that might have changed thanks to her. In a sea of unoriginality she is a beacon of authenticity. Being vulnerable has never felt so good. Her approach to music will keep anyone who listens completely engaged. Let’s welcome this new star with open arms. Serinity is a legend in the making and I am more than happy to help her ascend. 




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