Kitten goes punk with new EP

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Words/Robert Frezza
Photos/Pierre Crosby

            Kitten is always changing the formula and is always sticking to what’s fresh. With that said, the band has a new album out and with frontwoman Chloe Chaidez still manning the ship and slight changes to the band’s line up the band is ready to debut its new punk sound. “For many people, this will be the first time hearing us,” states Chaidez. “It’s been a long time since we put out a record. On one hand, I like to think of it as a comeback. At the same time, the sound has evolved and we really pushed ourselves musically and lyrically.”

The public adored the Like A Stranger EP, but Kitten has moved forward from that sound. “My inspiration changes. What you want to hear changes. Don’t worry my Annie Lennox is still alive and well. Avril Lavigne also came back into her life and they are going to Pluto to make music,” declares the singer.

Inspiration is not the only thing that changed, but their line up did as well throughout the years. A revolving door of talent came in and out. “Ten years in a band is a damn long time. Most bands barely make it up to 6 months. People come and go but I, the Tony Hawk of Rock n Roll, must keep rolling. That said, this lineup in the best it has ever felt. We are all best friends and we empower each other and one another’s individuality. Everyone is here to stay,” says Chaidez.

Goodbye Honeymoon Phase is the band’s new EP, pumped full of punk rock and has a Paramore vibe to it. “I feel there is a Punk ethos to everything this band has done. We don’t
quite fit anywhere, too pop for rock, too rock for pop, too mainstream for “indie”. I’ve managed to find my own space and feel totally comfortable in it. I’m gonna make whatever music I wanna make and people can come along and rock with me, or they can stay at home.”

Kitten’s writing and recording process has not changed except for the fact that she surrounded herself with a good group of supportive folks. “I think working with Charli XCX in Nasty Cherry and being in LA with artists like Dorian Electra and 100 gecs, Caroline Polacheck etc. has really influenced all of us and our writing. I think surrounding yourself with artists who you love and respect and who are making dope shit is gonna inherently inspire you,” says the singer.

One of those people is Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park, who helped the band produce the song “ME”. “Mike Shinoda DM’d the band about a year a half ago whilst we were on tour about how much he loved us. It was amazing, that sort of praise from such a legend is pretty validating. From then on, we began sending each other tracks, and “ME” happened. The whole collaboration was very organic,” concludes Chaidez.

Kitten is touring with the band Waterparks in December and have more new music on the way. You can also catch Chaidez on the Netflix show “I’m with the band Nasty Cherry” out Nov 15th.

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