“Kills You” Is the New Single by bast That Reveals the Honesty of Emotions

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KILLS YOU, the latest offering from the enigmatic artist bast is a chilling and captivating journey into the depths of emotion and vulnerability, which draws listeners into its intricate web of soundscapes. bast’s distinctive vocals immediately set the tone, conveying a sense of raw emotion that feels intimate and universal. The way the artist navigates the complex emotional landscape is both poetic and relatable, making “KILLS YOU” a cathartic experience for anyone who has experienced this sort of feeling.


The production of the song seamlessly blends elements of electronic and ambient music. The entire song was written in one day. “I came into my session with the boys on 2 hours of sleep, and probably some psychedelic residue in my body. Before I could mask anything, I walked in, sat down, and unraveled.  ‘I’m a shell today, I’m sorry. I just can’t say no”.


So, the song came out from that state, those words. “From the literal night I had before”, bast explains. “It’s like this tinge of reluctant acceptance of where I’m at now and where I know I could be someday.  At the core of it, at least I’m not lying to myself.  Or maybe I am”. 


“By the end of the day, I was fully on the floor, hands and knees, screaming, crying, yelling, laughing into the mic. I think that might be one of the most beautiful sessions I’ve had.”, the artist said.


“KILLS YOU” has the ability to evoke strong emotions while maintaining a sense of intrigue. The song takes unexpected sonic turns, keeping the listener engaged and eager to uncover what comes next.


The video that accompanies the song is full of real moments that show the falls, the fatigue, the joys, the frustrations, and the whole host of positive and negative experiences that the artist has gone through.



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