A Musical Dream Is “Born,” and Nico Tortorella Finally Embraces His Truest Essence

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Nico Tortorella’s latest venture into the world of music has resulted in a collection of songs that serve as a testament to his artistic versatility and the transformative power of creativity. 

Nico Tortorella is not a person who needs much of an introduction, a magnetic artist and actor who is well known for his memorable performances. You probably have seen him in one of the many TV shows and movies he has starred in. He has recently decided to embark on a new chapter in his life, and he is inviting all of us to join him. 

This change came after a transformative performance on Apple TV’s “City on Fire” which ignited a newfound passion for music in Nico Tortorella‘s heart. He explains, “Working on City on Fire awakened a dormant passion within me. It provided the catalyst for me to not only express myself artistically but also to embrace my true essence. The studio became a sanctuary, where I could merge the worlds of character development and personal introspection, ultimately leading me to uncover a new facet of my creative identity.” 

Over the past year and a half, Tortorella immersed himself in the recording studio, creating songs that would resonate within his soul and with those around him. These tracks were specifically composed during the time of his wife’s pregnancy, a period that served as a catalyst for the creation of deeply personal and introspective music. Nico Tortorella’s original intent was to create the soundtrack for their home birth, capturing the essence of this sacred and one-of-a-lifetime experience. The music he began creating during this significant time in his life began to take on a life of its own, birthing an exceptional and transformative form of artistic expression. 

His compositions evolved into something greater than he had ever imagined, a cosmic dance that seamlessly intertwined music and birth, connecting him to source energy on a profound level. The result is an album aptly titled “Born,” containing nine amazing songs, each one offering a different experience. Tortorella takes elements from pop, R&B, soul, and even ambient and experimental to create a soundscape full of emotions. Notable highlights are the previously released single “Grapefruit” with its vibrant sounds and colorful lyrics. The powerful and emotional “Call Me That,” the sweet ballad in “Kilmer Dove” titled after his daughter, and “La Santa Madre” which translates to the “Holy Mother,” a nine-minute song that will take listeners to another place of existence. 

Through his music, Tortorella invites you to embark on a quest for self-discovery, exploring the depths of emotions and the interconnectedness of all things. Each song serves as a portal, guiding us down into transformative experiences and offering a sense of solace and personal embrace.

Alongside “Born,” Nico also released his first children’s book titled “Olivette Is You.” This project followed the success of his previous works, including his poetry book “All of It Is You” and his memoir titled “Space Between.” With the release of “Olivette Is You,” the author seeks to encourage young readers to seize the moment and recognize all they already are, rather than only dreaming about who they could be. Advice that Tortorella himself showcased with the release of his new album. 

Nico Tortorella is truly an artist with many facets. His art reflects his unique outlook on life and his unwavering commitment to inspiring others. Nico Tortorella’s work is a reminder of the endless possibilities that exist when we take the opportunities life presents us.

photos: Bronson Farr




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