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story / Ariana Tibi

photos / Michael Costa 



“I took a trip to quiet my mind…”


Glitzy pop artist Jenna Lotti dove straight into the deep end with her haunting new track, ‘Ghosts.’ Attempting to recreate a terrifying vision she had, ‘Ghosts’ uses EDM and sultry melodies to convince you that the only way to get rid of your ghosts is to meet them. 


The beginning of the song instantly hitches you on a ride, with staccato guitar riffs serving as the beat until a trap rhythm comes in to help serve the mood. Jenna’s voice is smooth and unassuming, luring you into her experience: “Imagine sipping tea so powerful that it can transport you from the couch in your apartment to a cold, wet, awful sewer…you’re completely alone and terrified and you just stay there for days.”

Can you feel it? At a brisk two minutes and ten seconds, ‘Ghosts’ lends itself to be replayed over and over again. The harmonies are intoxicating and the heavy beats laid throughout the chorus make you feel like ghosts are pounding down your door, begging to be let in. 


“Ghosts is my best attempt to recreate a painfully intense psychedelic integration therapy session I had recently that completely changed my life,” Jenna says of the inspiration behind the song. “It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done but also the most rewarding.”


LA planted and Boston raised, Jenna Lotti began writing poetry at a young age, initially to help cope with her depression & anxiety. Lotti’s signature soul-drenched vulnerability melts into a broad, relatable blend of arena ready pop and radio ready hooks. She was nominated for “Pop Act of the Year” by the Boston Music Awards in 2017 and was nominated for “Female Performer of the Year” in 2016 & 2017 by The New England Music Awards. This recognition was punctuated by invitations to open for national acts such as Hunter Hayes and Barns Courtney and Dan+Shay. 



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