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Look no further. Xhoana X’s music is the soundtrack to your deepest darkest fantasy.  Her new single Crimson has you drowning in ecstasy somewhere in the shadiest part of your soul. Her genre of music can’t be explained and if I was to try, I’d say it’s something in between film noir and a ritualistic fantasy hymn.

The Albanian born-LA based singer songwriter talks to us about the strong women who raised her, her favorite outfits and auditioning for Euphoria.

Who or what do you have in mind when you’re working on a song? What did you have in mind during Crimson?

It depends.. I’m in and out like a needle in the fabric of life experiences so I don’t think it’s ever one specific thing/ or a person.. or maybe it is. That’s the thing with music I draw and pull as the music moves me or a memory, a word, scenery or a scent.. And that’s how it begins.. the free flow.. Crimson, I was probably thinking about sex haha, I don’t know tbh.. an intense feeling of letting yourself be overwhelmed by an emotion or person or both liking it and basking in it to the maximum..

What inspires you most about your Eastern European heritage? Is there certain practices or experiences you carry with you today?

What people don’t know is that I’m an immigrant who grew up in a post communist (very poor) and un-developed Albania. I’m also Muslim born. My mother moved to the states as a single mom to my sister and I to give us a better life. You’d never guess that meeting me and every time I tell anyone stories from childhood they look at me in disbelief cuz I’m a well spoken, American sounding white female. If anything I look like privilege, not struggle, although struggle is how I got to where I am. Everything about the Albanian culture inspires me to be honest. Albanians are extremely resilient.  My strong mother, her sisters: I come from strong women whose priority was always family. Hard workers and amazing mothers. That’s what’s shaped me into who I am today.

If you could have your music be the soundtrack of anything what would it be?

Not sure if this is out of context, but I’m gonna run with it: I’m fuckin obsessed with the show ‘Euphoria’ and the music on the show. I’d be over the fucking moon if some of my music made it onto the show.. I actually auditioned for the 2nd season to play a loudmouthed drugg stripper but then the pandemic happened..

How and when did you get into music?

I started writing poetry as a young child which eventually became lyrics after high school.. then I kept writing with different producers till those lyrics became songs..

What’s your go to outfit look like? The outfit that never fails to make you feel good? And where are you going?

Hmm depends on what vibe character I want to play. I like clothes, fashion and dressing up a lot. As women we take it for granted how powerful clothes are. You can chose to be so many different versions of you! I love a good wellfitted cat suit and a well made corset or leather harness. Makes me feel primal.

Favorite thing to do during quarantine?

I love to cook, I did that quite a lot in quarantine.. pasta, quinoa bowls, tacos, stews.. you name it!  I also shot two visuals while in quarantine, And I’m releasing a 3rd single, so you can say I love staying creative one way or another and obviously I love eating! Lol



photos / courtesy of the artist

story / Vogue Giambri

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