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Queer artist and activist Heather Mae is back once again with a powerful new single titled “kissing girls.” This track not only showcases her incredible talent but also tells a story that many Queer people with conservative and religious roots will identify with. Mae lays bare her coming-out journey within the lyrics, giving voice to a deeply personal experience that resonates with others in similar situations.

Kissing girls” is an emotional and relatable narrative that explores pivotal moments in the life of a young Queer person. Co-produced by Heather Mae and the well-known Lollies (Timbaland, Hayley Williams), the single features notable talent such as Nashville guitarist Marshall Biever, the amazing Liv Lombardi mixing, and Piper Payne mastering the whole ordeal. Fusing both modern and old-school pop styles, the song is an anthem for the queer liberation movement.

By sharing her coming out story through the lyrics of “kissing girls,” Heather Mae aims to provide inspiration and comfort to fellow Queer individuals. She offers a glimmer of hope, reminding them that they are not alone and that it’s okay to embrace their identity. Mae’s vulnerability and authenticity shine through, making the song all the more impactful. She reminisces about her first kiss, the elation of falling in love, and ultimately the heartbreak that comes with losing that love. These experiences, often etched in memory, are universal and relatable to people who may have had similar journeys. 

The song is presented with a musical video where Heather Mae sings her heart out, with the ultimate goal of touching the hearts of her listeners. Her voice carries the weight of her emotions with every note she sings, adding an extra layer of depth and authenticity to the narrative of “kissing girls.” Through her powerful vocals, she manages to capture the essence of joy, longing, and heartbreak, making her listeners feel every one of the emotions she experienced during her coming out experience.

Growing up in church and the evangelical movement, the only representation of LGBTQ+ people that I was familiar with were the kids who got kicked out for being queer. Even though my first crush was on a girl, I hid the truth of what that meant to protect myself from losing my entire community. This is why visibility is profoundly important to me.”

In addition to showcasing her musical talents, Heather Mae is also on a mission to address the worrying gender disparity in the music industry. Only 4% of music producers are women, a number that needs to change. To address this imbalance, Mae has assembled a potent collective of talented women and non-binary individuals in Nashville. This collective includes producers ZDAN and Lollies, as well as Grammy award-winning musician Allison Russell and the remarkable duo Sistastrings. By working together, these artists have the potential to reshape the industry and pave the way for more representation and opportunities for women in music production.

As Heather Mae prepares to unveil her highly anticipated double record scheduled for release in 2025, “kissing girls” will be part of the album and is a beautiful prelude to what is to come from Mae: resistance in the form of big, loud queer joy.

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