French hyper-pop musician caro♡ is ready to share everything about her new single “4ever1” and upcoming album “wild at <3”

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caro♡ a talented artist hailing from France and currently based in London, is excited to announce the tracklist of her highly anticipated upcoming album, “wild at <3.” Alongside this exciting news, she has released the self-produced and written track titled “4ever1.” To complement the release, caro has also shared a co-directed music video, created by Amal Guichard and Jim Alexander, which was beautifully filmed at the enchanting seaside of Seven Sisters. Mark your calendars, as caro’s sophomore album, “wild at <3,” is set to launch on September 8th, courtesy of PC MUSIC. caro♡’s music transcends boundaries and captivates audiences with its unique blend of electronic beats, dreamy melodies, and heartfelt lyrics. Her songs are known for their ability to transport listeners to another world, where emotions run wild and imaginations soar. caro♡continues to explore new artistic territories, showcasing her unique take in music and boundless creativity. “4ever1” is a testament to caro’s mastery, as it showcases her skills as both a producer and songwriter. The track effortlessly combines cute beats with her alluring vocals, creating a mesmerizing musical experience.

We had the amazing opportunity here at LADYGUNN to have a little chat caro♡. Join us to see what she has to say about her album, single and everything in between.

Hi caro♡! How are you? Many thanks for sharing a bit of your time with us today!
I’m good, thank u for having me in ur magazine 🙂

Please tell our readers a little about yourself. We want to know more! How did you come up with the very peculiar name caro♡? What’s the story behind it?
Oh I believe it was my name when I was playing Animal Crossing a few years ago and I thought it looked good, has no deeper story although I do think putting ur heart into whatever u do is the most important thing so I’m happy I have a heart in my artist name.

Being a woman in the music industry is never easy. Care to share your experiences with us?
Oh yeah, aside from obvious sexist things u might be a victim of at some point, I’ve come to think that the hardest part of it all is fighting what’s within urself as a woman though. Like I don’t think there are that many hurdles structurally, or physically. I mean, when I think about music production and the fact that like 5% of music producers are female?! It’s definitely a shocking thing, but I have come to the conclusion that it’s not the lack of access to technology which makes things the way they are, I think the problem lies in how we are raised as little girls, how we are made to doubt ourselves and made to think that seemingly technical things are beyond our reach, it’s because of how we are treated as women in general, that, although there’s this massive emphasis on it, maybe being an independent woman is actually quite a scary concept for most of us cause society actually makes fun of that a lot. And the relationship with cis men is defo a tricky one. I find it quite fascinating how men are truly admirative of one another, I’m so envious of this bro love sometimes. And I do think that u don’t get the same attention as a woman, no matter how good or original of an artist u are, there’s always this bias and u play in another league in some ways. My personal journey has been all about rebuilding my own beliefs about myself and really working on my self-confidence. It’s like a default setting for a lot of us to always imagine ourselves as limited because of the fact we are women. It’s unconscious and I think we have to face this. Like in France we’ve never had a female president, and it doesn’t look like much, but it is a big deal. It means that however big your ambitions are, u might tend to think that anyway u don’t have to be on top of the world because there’ll always be a man there. I also often think about this saying that ‘beyond each great man, there is a woman’, and I always think that the opposite is simply not true most of the time. I think a lot of great women have had to build themselves on their own, and have had to sacrifice a lot of things because society just doesn’t keep up with them. And I don’t want to buy into this motto of ‘u have to choose between ur career/passion or ur love/family life’, I don’t want to have to choose, and I don’t think that’s fair, but there’s still a very very long way to go in my opinion, culturally, socially…and as a woman, u have to fight every day against ur own integrated sexism, ur own limiting beliefs related to ur gender, ur own fears of dying alone because society tells u that if u don’t fit into the box u’ll be left out. Fuck that honestly.

Let’s discuss what everyone is here for. Your upcoming album “wild at ♡”. How was the creative process behind it and what inspired you?
I think what inspires me is always the psychological/emotional things I’m going through at the time. I was thinking the other day that I feel very grateful to have this outlet within music to express all these questions I go through. I am always making songs and at some point, I thought ‘OK it’s time to make an album’ so I finished this super long boring album which left me very dissatisfied. That’s when I went to the mountains in France on my own last April for a bit and reflected on things. I eventually managed to set myself free, and I really took time to think about what I wanted to express in terms of energy. This first version of the album, which was a completely different album honestly, was more similar to my first one, Heartbeats/Heartbreaks, it was quite slow and melancholic. And I just got very sick of this vibe, mainly because it just didn’t represent the person I had become. It wasn’t exciting anymore. I have no regret for what I have done before, it was who I was at the time, but I feel that in the past two years I’ve worked very hard to really free myself, and to be energetic, optimistic, confident, which I think is who I am at the core. And I think this album represents that. A lot of the lyrics are me talking to myself, giving encouragement to myself, and I did think about what message I wanted to convey, I wanted people to feel that energy.

4ever1 is the focus track on the album, coming alongside a cute video. What’s the inspiration behind this track and what makes it so special?
This song was already on the first version of the album that I threw away, and it’s the only one throughout the entire process that I had absolutely no doubt about. It’s hard to explain why but I think sometimes u make one song and it’s not cringe at all for u, and u know it’s something u’ll always be happy u’ve released. I just think it’s really me. For me, it doesn’t sound like anything else but also I hear a lot of my influences in it. I also like the fact that it didn’t follow some standard songwriting process that I have used in the past. It morphed a lot, I think it just started with the beginning with the vocal chops and the kick, and I had that on my iTunes for months, not knowing what to do with it. And then one day I tried some lead vocals on it, not hopping for much, no pressure for it to turn into anything, but then the more I was listening to it, the more I loved it. I loved it also because of that energy thing I was talking about earlier. Up until that point, 99% of the things I’d done were more mellow/slow bpms stuff, but this song makes me want to jump around, I find it silly and very honest at the same time. And I’m very serious about the lyrics, I think some people could think it’s some hippie stuff, but I really mean what I say. That’s the kind of headspace I’d love to be in constantly.

After releasing your album, what’s next on the horizon?
I’m already thinking about what music to do next. Not in a bad way though, quite the opposite. I think with this new album I’ve arrived at a crossroad a little bit, that’s how it feels like to me. It might sound funny but I feel like I’m on the verge of some kind of discovery in my personal music journey, and so I spend a lot of time nowadays thinking about how to bring that next stuff to life. It feels very exciting!

It was such a pleasure to have this opportunity to share with you caro♡. Any final words for your fans out there?
Oh, thank u for talking to me and the final words for fans would be thank u too. I feel very grateful that people listen to what I do, and I hope this album will convey this energy of hope and freedom that I have been striving to grasp within myself <3:




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