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Lauren Strahm is no stranger to cinema. Think Sofia Coppola circa 2006, fused with quirky Y2k nostalgia. Supertropicali, last week’s contribution transports us to Lauren’s world of cotton candy and meringue. Moving to Nashville at age 21…the pursuit of a music career was worth the gamble considering the audience of 140 million that has tuned in since her debut release back in 2016. Spotify, Shazam and Grey’s Anatomy are no stranger to her dreamy, good fairy vibe. Emotive and fiercely candid, Fleurie’s voice invokes an imagination unspoiled, and untainted by dogma. Fleurie may just be the flower refusing to change color this fall. 


 What’s your favorite flower?

 Pink roses 


Famous but not incorporated…what does fame feel like for you?

Hmm…I don’t think I know yet. But to me that line is saying “I want to be seen, successful, and adored without being controlled”


If you could close your eyes and teleport to anywhere in the world, where would you go?



Your music is described by some as “electronic pop” and others as “cinematic pop” would you agree?

Cinematic, yes. I think I am always writing soundtracks, whether consciously or unconsciously


What made you start writing music at such an early age?

The need to make sense of and export my feelings


What was your time like in Australia, and how did it shape your lyrics?

It was incredibly formative…mostly for the fact of being so far from home and comfort, learning to “adult” and develop friendships, having the adventures of being in a foreign country which naturally open up your imagination and help you dream bigger and be more curious in life to uncover that which you didn’t know existed, but does.


Your Instagram is unique…what are your thoughts on social media?

Oh thanks 😀 Unique is what we aim for ha. Social media is something I’m still trying to strike a healthy balance with. I love that it allows me to broadcast my art and expression to the world by myself, from anywhere. I hate that it’s become another reality for me to attempt to inhabit. Sometimes I become more connected to it than I am to my actual daily reality. 


Supertropicali is different from your previous music, what has inspired this shift in sound? I’ve always wanted to make this record and it was finally time! I am a fun and sassy and joyful and playful person and I’ve never gotten to be that in my music until now, so that’s exciting. I get bored in my artistry if I’m not taking risks. But rather than take risks for the sake of it, I wanted to risk being authentic in sharing a new dimension of who I am. 


What has been your greatest moment either in the studio or onstage thus far?

Wow what a question…probably the first day of shared excitement me and my two co-writers/producers (JT Daly and Carrie Karpinen) had in the studio last summer. We had been working together for a week trying to find a sound, a song, anything that got us ALL losing our minds over it. And this particular day JT showed me an old track he had pitched to another artist way back and it inspired me instantly and we wrote the whole song in under an hour (you’ll hear it next summer, hehe). That was our breakthrough and from there everything just flowed. 

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