Exposure to NAWAS & Heather Russell’s Dance Floor May Cause A “Contact High”

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Say hello to the latest dance hall smash! “Contact High” from NAWAS and Heather Russell is one of those get-up-and-move tunes you can’t deny. Think Britney & Madonna getting in the zone or Bad Girl Riri & Calvin Harris finding love in a hopeless place… this track has that infectious alt-pop groove, spicy, assertive lyrics, and a hot hook that’s already stuck in your head. I don’t know if basement parties with smoke machines, laser lights, and surprisingly amazing dance moves still exist, but if they do or if you want to bring them back… just hit play.

“‘Contact High’ is a song that thrives on the dance floor. It’s about everyone else in the room melting away as the music forges a cosmic connection between you and your partner,” shares NAWAS. “There’s nothing coy or subtle here; the lyrics assert, ‘You don’t need to chase me, I am right here, baby, I am yours.’ Just their touch is all you need to keep the night alive.” – Jake Nawas


Heather Russell | NAWAS

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