Exploring Musical Eclecticism: A Review of Antoine Lang’s ‘Big Data’

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The most admirable and fun thing about “Big Data“, Antoine Lang‘s latest album, is that it offers a captivating and unapologetic journey through different musical rhythms and emotions that will keep you attentive to what can be discovered in the next track.

This material has a unique character because it presents a wide range of tracks from various genres and sound palettes. This eclecticism is well reflected in the album’s title, which deftly appropriates the term “big data,” challenging its often baffling and all-encompassing connotations.

In this album, Antoine Lang -a writer and composer in the French-speaking music scene- wanders through synthesized organ vibrations as in “Garage“, to the charming mystique of trap in songs such as “Dans la rivière” and the title track “Big Data“, demonstrating his ability to traverse different musical terrains with ease.

The album pays homage to various influences, including the indie pop groove of “Zuzana“, dedicated to visual artist Zuzana Jaczova, and the nod to ’70s g-funk in “Le zona de Nina“. Lang’s skill also extends to jazz-inspired compositions, as exemplified by the mesmerizing “Stop & Go.”

Big Data” brilliantly bridges the gaps between several musical worlds that often seem disconnected, and as an album, it alternates between immersive psychedelic ballads like “Peur de moi” and “Paris l’hiver” and electrifying tracks like “Brassy Girl,” which exudes seductive electronic energy. At the same time, “La trêve” offers a pleasant respite with its relaxing and calming atmosphere.

Big Data” is a masterful work that not only showcases Antoine’s musical versatility but also challenges preconceived notions of what an album should be.

It was mixed by Etienne Caylou (Papooz, Christine & The Queens). But Lang also collaborates with other artists such as the French-American singer-songwriter Naomi Greene or the producer Zimmer with whom he released the song ‘Vahiné’ in November 2022 on the Roche Musique / Savoir-Faire label.

Big Data‘ skillfully weaves together a variety of genres, creating an enchanting and dynamic listening experience demonstrating that art and music can transcend borders and algorithms, offering a genuinely unique and compelling journey.




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