Experience a Whimsical Journey Through Heartbreak and Closure With Boy Jr.’s “I Hope You Feel Terrible”

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Boy Jr., the wildly creative songwriter and viral LGBTQ+ influencer, delivers another quirky and relatable anthem with their latest single, “I Hope You Feel Terrible.”

This song serves as a tantalizing glimpse into Boy Jr.‘s upcoming full-length DIY album, “I Love Getting Dumped,” which promises an eclectic mix of indie pop-rock with comedic yet realistic narratives.

At the helm of Boy Jr. is Ariel Allen-Lubman, whose imaginative storytelling and infectious energy have captivated audiences around the world. With “I Hope You Feel Terrible,” Boy Jr. channels the universal experience of longing for closure after a negative situation through a catchy musical journey.


The song’s premise is as fun as it is cathartic. Allen-Lubman confesses that “I Hope You Feel Terrible” is the letter you were never supposed to send to someone who’s hurt you. It’s the fantasy of wanting to confront a person with the perfect words and in the perfect tone, a feeling that resonates deeply with anyone who has ever experienced a similar situation.

The musical versatility and genuine spirit of Boy Jr. combine elements of indie pop-rock with some experimental nods. Allen-Lubman’s educational background in music production is reflected in the song’s broad and charming instrumentation, which allows for a suitable melody with playful yet heartfelt lyrics.

Through a combination of genuine musical talent and an eccentric, energetic personality, Boy Jr. has cultivated a dedicated following that spans music lovers, critics, and creators alike.

“I Hope You Feel Terrible” serves as a tantalizing taste of what Boy Jr. has on their plate, as they promise an album that explores themes of heartbreak, self-expression, and the complexities of modern relationships with their unique blend of humor and authenticity.



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