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words / Erica Russell
photographer / Sharlene Durfey 
“This was a long time coming for me,” explains LACES of her eponymous EP, premiering exclusively here today on LADYGUNN. The electro-pop artist formerly known as Charlotte Sometimes adds, “I was at a crossroads in my life. I had so much pain, happiness and angst that was just like old blood weighing me down, and I had been Charlotte Sometimes for so long that I got stuck in a writing rut. When I shed Charlotte and moved across the country I was able to reconnect not only to myself but my music again. This EP got all of me… even if it wasn’t all pretty, it brought me back to life.”
And life is exactly what LACES is giving us on the new EP. The artist, who made waves back on season 2 of The Voice, hits the sweet spot that lingers between the irreverent, celebratory electro of Ke$ha and the dramatically emotional pop of Tove Lo. On her 5-track release, tracks like “LOVE ME SOBER” and “EROTIC” teeter the line between being dear-diary raw and fuck-you anthems, while others like “LIV IT UP” and “ENEMY” are so clearly for dancing on your bed at midnight.
Now that the EP is out (snag it on iTunes and Amazon now), it’s only a matter of time before people are introduced to the emerging pop star. “I am so nervous for everyone to hear it!” the singer-songwriter says. “I’ve been living with it for so long that it’s hard to give it to the world. I hope my Charlotte fans are still into it!! Fingers crossed!”
Finally, we asked LACES what she discovered about herself while recordingLACES. Here’s what she had to say for herself:

“Listening to this record I’ve noticed a few things about myself…
1. I’m a hot mess express.
2. I like to write about sex.
3. I don’t like getting cheated on, but I do dig writing about it.
4. I like to party.
5. I hope you’re into that.”
Oh, we’re into. Get it, girl!


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