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You would think that being pregnant in the middle of a worldwide pandemic would be enough stress for someone. But for Swedish artist Elliphant, she was also preparing to birth new music. Not only did she release her first single in four years, “Uterus,”  with a breathtaking third-trimester silhouette, but she also just dropped a new single. “Had Enough” is a catchy way of telling her past self that she’s had enough. “It’s about me trying to convince my drunk self that I’ve had enough and need to go home and chill,” Elliphant told LADYGUNN. “It’s like an echo of my song “One More” but the opposite.” The new single makes you want to go on that long drive and get out of your head.

The video for “Had Enough,” which dropped this morning, is lush with greenery and bright textiles. The video, which was filmed in her home outside of Stockholm, includes Elliphant and her best friends having a bedroom dance party and remembering that they’ve HAD ENOUGH! It’s intimate, personal, and reminds us that sometimes all we need are close friends and an at-home dance party. Funny enough, this was one of the last party weekends she spent before getting pregnant. 

LADYGUNN talked with the new mother about birthing not only her child but new music during a time of such uncertainty.

 First off, how are you? 

I am okay! A bit beaten up by labor but very happy. We had a healthy little lioness added to our family… she’s a keeper! A true masterpiece. We love her so much.


Your song Uterus came out a few weeks ago. Can you discuss the amount of emotions/feelings/hormones that were going on in your life being 30+ weeks pregnant, releasing a raw single, and living in the midst of a pandemic?

“Uterus” was written a long time ago – originally about my mother and her experience of giving birth to me and how I feel about being born. I always loved the song and knew it was going be on the album in its raw and nude glory but I didn’t plan to have it as my comeback track. When I became pregnant myself, I felt that it was a now or never opportunity to make the music video. And then to let the Phants (my fans) be in tune with my journey I decided I wanted it to be the first single. It was so special to make the video for it in the pandemic only with the mini crew of my daughter’s father and my old friend, Liza, but it really worked out so perfect. I was very emotional and focused on set – I usually go pretty wild during the making of my videos but in this one I was very calm and together because I wanted it to show my fragile side and ensemble the serious grace of motherhood – motherhood is for sure my most graceful mission yet.


 If you’re comfortable with it, can you talk about your birth story?

My birth story is looooong! I am humbled by the experience… I was sure I would be a warrior (and I was) but it was much harder than I expected. I had contractions for 45-hours with a high fever and then I pushed her out in one hour. I cracked not only my lady parts wide open but my mother heart broke when having my wet little cub put on my chest crying for the first time… it was the most beautiful thing. She was so natural in this otherwise not so natural situation… all the machines, hoses, needles, and plastic gloves all over me. My baby has a massive head hence a hard labor, so it got freaking intense. Oh man, I am glad we got this hormone that makes us forget cause otherwise there be no more human babies… haha.


How are you and baby? Do you think your creative energies/sound are going to change now that you’re a mother?

Yes, we are good now thanks! Elliphant has and always will represent change and growth – the music will always evolve like everything else that is real in this world. I could never stagnate. I don’t have a genre or a sound, I only have my words, voice, and expression. I can’t wait to see what’s around the next corner. I’m a collaborator; I give what I have and take what’s given!


Who/what have you been listening to in quarantine?

All of quarantine I have been pregnant and if I’m being honest, I haven’t listened to any music at all really. I’ve been in some weird, safe mode where I haven’t made or fucked with any art in general – I’ve just been in the quiet nature… eating safe foods like mash potatoes, watching safe TV like BoJack Horseman, talking safe baby language with my man. It’s been a brake for sure. What I needed was a quiet chapter in a baby bubble. Now, I am ready to jump back on this rocking horse. I’m ready for the music and recording songs.


What were the influences behind your new song “Had Enough?” 

I was the influence! Haha, it’s about me trying to convince my drunk self that I’ve had enough and need to go home and chill. It’s like an echo of my song “One More” but the opposite. When you work as an artist, you are always around alcohol and new people. This is a dangerous combination because you have no witness questioning your lifestyle. So I thought I needed to be my own witness and tell myself when it’s enough! But it didn’t really work. I was drinking while writing the song with the company of amazing people I just met! It’s just how it is and that’s all good but I feel a need to talk about this stuff.


Can you tell me about the video for “Had Enough”? Where did you film it and what does represent to you?

 The video was filmed at my house! I have this super old little house outside of Stockholm, it’s my paradise. The angels in the video are two of my oldest friends. We are just doing our thing basically. It was one of the last party weekends before I got knocked up! The dark sky represents that dark shadow we all bring with us everywhere we go. The darkness that is a part of us but we try to run away from it when all we really need to do is turn around and hug it. We need to learn to embrace and love our dark side, to bring the light in to our life, that’s my philosophy.


What’s “Blisseh!”?

Blisseh is a blessing!

It’s what you feel when you say it…

It’s Blisseh!

Be Blisseh!

You Blisseh!

Stay Blisseh!


photos / Florian Dezfoulian
story / Sam Berlin
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