East Meets West in Caspiana’s Latest Hit, “With You”

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Caspiana‘s background is a beautiful collage crafted with the rich influences of Eastern and Western musical traditions. Growing up surrounded by the evocative sounds of her heritage, she was equally captivated by the energy of Western genres. These influences sparked a deep love for music that would become the cornerstone of her life. But Caspiana‘s journey isn’t a singular pursuit. With a dedication as strong as her musicality, she embarked on a demanding yet fulfilling career in medicine. Now, she gracefully balances the world of science with the soulful realm of music, each pursuit influencing and enriching the other.


This interview explores Caspiana‘s latest single, “With You,” which is captivating evidence of the power of music to transcend borders and cultures. More than a beautiful ballad, “With You” is a soulful piece that presents a deep message masterfully transmitted by its unique sound and well-thought-out lyrics. In this interview, we delve deep into the inspiration behind the single, and her thoughts on the message of vulnerability it conveys, especially in light of its release coinciding with International Women’s Day. As we explore the creation and significance of “With You,” we’ll also gain insights into Caspiana‘s artistic evolution, and her exciting plans for the future.


You have such a unique background, blending Eastern and Western influences. How did this inspire you to become a musician, and how do you think it shapes your sound?

Being raised in a country with a rich musical history, and having been exposed to the different musical genres from an early age, starting with traditional classical music, and having a passion for Western musical genres and styles, made me realize, that there are no limits to the self-expression in music, and as artists, we have the tools to blend the different genres to create something totally new.


You’ve been passionate about music since your teenage band days but then pursued a medical degree. What brought you back to actively creating music?

I never stopped dreaming of pursuing music, but as you know, the medical training is very intense and there was virtually no time for anything but work and studying. Therefore, as soon as I got some free time on my hands after the medical training was completed, I went back to my music passion, as it is one of the few things that make me happy.


Being a full-time doctor alongside a music career is no small feat! How do you manage to balance these demanding yet rewarding pursuits? Do they ever influence each other?

Thank you for your kind remarks. They are definitely rewarding, and I am very lucky to be able to do them both. I do think they influence each other, as in a way both of these pursuits are aimed at improving the well-being of people, be it the physical or emotional side of it. When it comes to balancing, I honestly think at this point I wouldn’t be able to do one without another, as I thrive in an environment when stimulated both from creative and academic standpoints.


Looking back on your first single “Heartbreaker” in 2011, how has your sound evolved over the years? 

Oh, yay! You listened to it! It was my first attempt at making a pop track, as I wanted to submit an original composition to the national Eurovision contest. It had some oriental elements in it, and I think the production was good, but I would say that the vocals & lyrics were on a very commercial, easy-to-listen side.


Now let’s talk about your last single, “With You,” which is described as a soulful ballad. Can you talk about the musical choices you made to create the emotional atmosphere of the song? 

I believe that the ballad conveys a certain emotional atmosphere through the use of Spanish-inspired melodies on a guitar, and the a cappella parts. I think it’s pretty cool, how the sound engineer came up with the transition, which eventually blended into this final flowy composition. Credit goes to DJ Vebo from here, thank you!


The song celebrates a woman who is unafraid to be vulnerable and express her strong emotions. How does this theme connect with the message of International Women’s Day, the day it was released? 

I believe that women have the immense power to achieve anything they set their minds to, and they do not need anyone’s help for that, but that does not mean they must deny their emotional nature to be successful. Sometimes the biggest strength comes from embracing feelings and intuition and letting go of excessive control.


Now, focusing on the lyrics there is a line that creates a powerful image, “With you, I’m in my fifth element, no wonder”. Can you explain the significance of the “fifth element” and how it relates to your feelings of love? 

I feel that when you are in love, you feel complete, and your entire being shifts to a higher state, in an ethereal sense. Ideally, we don’t have to wait to fall in love to feel that way. But when you encounter someone who purposely, emotionally, and energetically is on the same wavelength as you, it does feel like a complete puzzle. Just like a fairy tale 💫


‘With You’ paints a beautiful picture of love. What is one piece of advice you’d give to someone searching for their own ‘greatest love’, as you mention in the song?

I wish everyone to experience all-encompassing Love. My advice to anyone, including myself, is to not necessarily search for it on the outside but to strive to be content with themselves first and foremost. And do not forget that when we send love into the world, we attract the kind of love we want from others.


With ‘With You’ out now, what are you most excited about for the future of your music career?

It is very exciting to see that my original song seems to be speaking to people. I just want to invoke positive sentiments, and even if it brings a smile to one person’s face, it is already a success. I hope, that my upcoming projects, will also be liked and will find their listeners.



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