“Distorted” Feeling the 4th Impact of This All-Sister Group

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4th Impact, the sensational Filipino sister girl group, made their mark on the global stage as top finalists on the X Factor UK. Their audition performance of Jessie J’s “Bang Bang” created history, garnering an astounding 190 million views on The X Factor’s Official YouTube Channel. This remarkable achievement solidified their widespread recognition and appeal, catapulting them into the international spotlight.

With their exceptional vocal prowess, 4th Impact has become a proud representative of P-pop, showcasing the rich culture and music of the Philippines to the world. Their impactful performances and vibrant pop singles have captivated audiences, leaving a lasting impression wherever they go. However, it is not just their undeniable talent that sets them apart; it is also the tight-knit bond they share as sisters that adds an extra layer of magic to their music. This unique dynamic shines through in their harmonies and stage presence, making 4th Impact one of the most exciting and captivating girl groups to watch in the industry today.

Breakups are a universally challenging experience, and can unexpectedly lead to self-discovery and newfound self-worth. 4th Impact has recently unveiled their empowering new song titled “Distorted,” which deals precisely with this unpleasant but fairly inescapable experience. The song was produced by Miklos Malek, who is known for working with Jennifer Lopez and Anastacia.

“Distorted” conveys frustration and a desire for freedom from a troubled relationship. The repeated line “’Cause you sound like a radio that’s distorted” serves as a metaphor for the unclear communication between the singer and their partner. The first verse expresses exhaustion from fighting and crying over unchangeable things, while the pre-chorus highlights their realization that their partner doesn’t understand their needs. The chorus emphasizes the singer’s need for a break and escape from the pain, planning to go out with friends and let go of the hurt. Overall, these lyrics poignantly capture the struggle of a toxic relationship and the longing for clarity and freedom.

This energetic and luxurious pop anthem has a very compelling groove that you can’t help but -at the very least- nod along with. The harmonious fusion of the sisters’ powerful voices, each possessing distinctive ranges and tones, creates a breathtaking display of talent that leaves a unique aftertaste to their imposing sound, one that I’m sure will leave a distinct craving from now on in many new listeners!



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