Daisy Draper puts out a “False Flame”

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The term self-control has various connotations depending on the context, but chief among them is perhaps the idea that postponing or outright refusing immediate gratification in favor of using your head to protect your heart is in fact, the correct course of action. 


What do then, when a flame is near and is inviting us to get closer? Do we surrender to the warmth and proceed to get burnt up again and again, or do we use our discernment and self-control in order to avoid making the same blatant mistake?

“False Flame” by Daisy Draper is structured like several of her previous electropop bangers, and it flows along with a sensual undertone that plays off its lyrical subject rather well, coming close to a seductive sound but not quite crossing over into it. The song talks about ignition and connection, but it does so from a very sober standpoint where Daisy realizes that all of the sweet sensations and the longing are just temporary and that the right choice -in this case- is to walk away.


And you started a fire

Inside of me

But you’re not the burn

I needed you to be


“False Flame” is ultimately about knowing when to say no to a connection, about knowing to differentiate between a healthy relationship and one born out of a pursuit for a sense of well-being that must first come from within, something that seems to be intrinsic to Daisy’s musical work.

Daisy Draper served in the United States Army for six years, where she would be diagnosed with a debilitating autoimmune disease that she was forced to fight tooth and nail through the use of Holistic and spiritual healing techniques. These experiences of struggle and discovery continue to inspire her music, fueling that need to create and connect with others seeking refuge and respite through music, referring to her work as “Spiritual Pop” quite often.



Story: LADYGUNN Photos: Courtesy of the artist



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