Crystal Castles

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story / Cristina Leiva

photos / Monet Lucki

It’s Wednesday, October 3rd, 10 pm and Roseland Ballroom  is completely packed.  This hectic crowd can’t wait to hear and see onstage the duo that makes up Crystal Castles. The group consists of style icon and modern day grunge goddess Alice Glass and her tall brooding partner onstage Ethan Kath. There is a drummer but he is hidden in the shadows controlling the beat of the crowd. We are all ready to embark on a real, genuine and holy electronic experience.
An energetic Glass is the highlight of the show accompanied by a thousand lights and the screams of a savage crowd. “Plague”, their  first single from the new album, was the wise choice to start the show with and going through the crowd like thunder.  Alice is basically  immersed in the crowd the whole time. People are holding her up, trying to reach her, touch any part of her they can. She is floating on the crowd like a disciple walking on water. She looks really amazing and transmits the right energy, enough to convert someone into their electronic high society.

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