Buddha Mei’s Art Is A Full Body Experience

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Multi-media artist Buddha Mei’s given name is Mei Jen. Mei Jen is her middle name and the Chinese name that her grandma gifted to her, Mei Jen means precious beauty in Cantonese. The Multi-Media Artist incorporates spirituality through music, makeup, digital art, and more.

You do so many different types of creative things!  music, makeup, modeling, mixed media. What came first for you?  How do they all fuel each other? Curious about what was your first art love?


I am a multifaceted artist. I am a vocalist and a musician at heart. Music has always been the most important medium for me. Growing up I attended performing arts schools as a vocalist, and my music endorsement diploma came from Fiorello LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts. When I incorporate other art mediums into my work it is always inspired by the music. It’s like opening this door to a rainbow of colors to give my audience a visual, audible, full-body experience of art.

How does your spirituality influence your music?


My first singing bowl is my Om bowl. I feel deeply connected to the divine and spirit when incorporating the singing bowl into my musicality. This is so special to me, because not only is this healing the vibrations in my body. It is also emitting these frequencies to people around me. Finding this bowl was like finding a missing part of me, this bowl is an extension of my essence and it is who I am. I incorporate the bowl in my sound healing and all the music I make today.


The first video work I saw of yours was ‘With Ha Bowls‘. I love the childlike playfulness of incorporating the toys and the use of the dolls in that video. Your ‘Honey Dew‘ video has more direct references to your spirituality.Can you tell us more about what inspired the creative direction and your intent?


My art style reflects how I present myself. By exercising the balance in my divine feminine, divine masculine and my inner child. These are the three key ingredients that help inspire my art. When we allow our inner child to come through, our truest forms of expression present themselves. In With Ha Bowls, I allow my inner child to have this attitude of not allowing mass consciousness to stray my beliefs and actions. I embody Kuan Yin, a Chinese bodhisattva of compassion. This is translated through the makeup art inspired by the Tang dynasty. The dress I am wearing was handmade by me out of loofahs! I found a dollhouse on the street, saw it was fitting for the visuals, brought it inside, and gave it a complete makeover!


In “Honeydew” I am embodying Green Tara, the Tibetan bodhisattva of earth healing and compassion. In these visuals I incorporate more of my spirituality when I showcase the candle ceremony, this shines a light onto a more intimate and personal experience. When I was first writing Honeydew, I had intended these words for another person but as I continued my journey I realized that I was actually writing to myself! My music is a journey of self-discovery and Honeydew allows me to embrace the essence of self while also connecting to the people around me. This is an anthem for everyone to feel empowered by the act of self-love. I believe that when we learn to love ourselves to the fullest, we will attract what is meant for us in all forms.


What musicians or other artists influence you?


I am very inspired by Greentea Peng. An artist from the UK. I love how she incorporates her spirituality within her art. Music is medicine and the way that her sound translates is so healing. The visuals that are incorporated by her actually inspired my short film that is debuting on the 17th of March!


So prolific! What about live performances? I could see your work being a combination music show/art show/performance art experience. Do you have any plans for public screenings or shows?


I love to perform live. It is such a special feeling to connect with my audience and supporters. It really turns the music into a full-body experience. On March 17th I will be having a public screening of my short film, sound bath, live performance and art show showcasing my other mediums of work at the Living Gallery in Brooklyn! Very grateful and excited to be having my own event for this special moment in my career!




Photos and interview, Jena Cumbo @JenaCumbo
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