Brookelyn Rose Talks “Sour Candy” and more

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With a name like Brookelyn Rose jumping out at you, I think you can pretty easily set your expectations right for what you’re about to receive. The Philadelphia native has gone south through north, east, and west and has picked up a dusty country twang to her Pop/Rock foundations that give her a distinct sound and attitude.

Speaking about attitude, Brookelyn Rose’s newest single “Sour Candy” is dripping with it from every angle, and just like the mouth-watering treat it’s named after, it bears a  sharp and acerbic exterior that only enhances the savory, soothing sweetness therein.

“Sour Candy” is in solid country music turf, with more than a twist of rock too, but it is Brookelyn’s debut into the genre and we’re all for it right now. The song exists in this knife’s edge of provocative sensuality and empowerment that describes the duality of the feminine condition- Soft and sweet on one side but ferocious on the other.

Today, we bring you an interview with this incredibly talented Gal, check it out:


Who is Brookelyn Rose right now? What stage of her career are we witnessing right now?

This is a transitional time for me. I’m finding my voice and getting in tune with the type of music that I want to create. It’s not one genre; I want to push boundaries in this industry and this is just the beginning. 

What do you value most as a songwriter? What do you like to explore?

It’s really special to be able to express myself through songwriting and see other people connect with it. It’s not always pretty; It’s tough and gritty, but after putting it down on paper or recording it as a voice memo, I feel lighter. I’m able to process my feelings in a way that I can’t always get out in conversation. 

As a songwriter, I like exploring all of it. And by all of it, I mean the human condition. Tapping into the different sides of myself and portraying a character through various themes. Yes, I write about female empowerment, love, and nostalgia, but I also write about times of self-loathing and doubt, heartbreak, and fears. 

“Sour Candy” is about the ‘duality of feminine power’. When do you think this duality became apparent to you? Is this something you’ve always intuited?

I definitely saw this power in women while I was growing up, but I didn’t feel it within myself until college. I was a late bloomer in a lot of ways and I only felt confident and sexy while I was performing. Now, I don’t need to be performing in order to feel this strength within myself. 

If a woman out there isn’t aware of what you describe, how would you define said duality?

It’s this beautiful grace, softness, and vulnerability that so many women possess, and it’s paired with a fierce strength that is unflappable and captivating; It’s incredible. 

And how would you recommend they become acquainted with that duality?

Self love. I know we hear this a lot, but it’s true. Figure out how to love yourself fully and completely and work at that love every day. Speak up for yourself and be your own champion. Surround yourself with people who build you up and truly want the best for you. Find things that you love to do and dive into them head first. 

Sour Candy’s got an awesome music video! Can you tell us a few details about it? Where was it shot, what went into the concept and creation, etc?

Thank you! Wayne Williams directed this visualizer and it was shot by Devin Kolovich at Nelson Ghost Town in Las Vegas. For this video, I wanted to play with the idea of control and power. Nelson Ghost Town has this beautiful abandoned chapel and as soon as I saw it, I knew that’s where we needed to shoot Sour Candy. I wanted to be sexy and strong in my body, while in a religious space that’s notorious for shaming people who do so. The dichotomy of my sexualized wardrobe, movements and the song lyrics itself, inside a chapel makes me giggle. I’m also seen leading a sermon, and I’m summoning people who’ve felt like they’re not good enough or those of us who have been taken advantage of, to rise up and find that inner confidence! 

Who’s inspiring to you right now outside of music?

I’ve been inspired by Issa Rae and Alok Vaud-Menon. Also, I’m constantly inspired by my friends and family who I witness doing incredible things every day. 

What have you planned for 2023 in regards to your music?

I’ll be releasing an EP with 5 new songs and accompanying visuals. I’ll be playing shows across the East Coast, Nashville and Midwest! I’ll be sure to keep everyone up to date with live shows on my socials! 

photos / Kate Kerr  Hair and Makeup / Gianna Schroeder



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