Be Ready to Be “Overstimulated” by Miranda Joan’s Newest Album

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Her name is Miranda Joan and she will be bringing a musical revolution to the world. Born in Montréal, she spent her formative years on the north shore of Vancouver, where she discovered her passion for music. During this time, Miranda filled diaries with her emotions and experiences, creating a haven for her heart and imagination. These diaries became the foundation for her songwriting. She draws inspiration from a diverse range of artists, both classical and contemporary. Influences such as Bill Withers, Stevie Wonder, and Carole King have shaped her musical style. She also finds inspiration in the music of Anderson Paak, Little Dragon, and Robyn, which adds a modern twist to her sound. In her music, Miranda seamlessly puts together her personal experiences with the artistic and spiritual energies of the places she has called home. This combination gives her songwriting depth and authenticity. Her songs are filled with intricate storytelling and playful production, creating a unique blend of soul-pop.


Miranda has made a name for herself in the Brooklyn soul/jazz community. She co-hosts and co-founded Brooklyn’s Femme Jam, a groundbreaking initiative that created NYC’s first all-female-led jam session. This community project aims to provide a space for women musicians to showcase their talents and foster inclusivity. Her career includes national tours, headline shows in New York, backing vocals for The Killers, Shawn Mendes, Lorde, Kylie Minogue, and Andy Grammar, and performing at the Montréal Jazz Festival as part of a tribute to Dr. Dre with the Orchestre National de Jazz de Montréal. As she released her debut album ‘Windborne,’ Miranda was selected as one of RBCxMusic’s Emerging Artists in 2021. In Vancouver and Los Angeles, both songs received consistent radio airplay, and a sync placement was made for the Canadian TV show The Strays.

She’s releasing her long-awaited album “Overstimulated“. Miranda describes it as It is an album book-ended by songs of affirmation, of rooting, of returning to and loving oneself, intertwined with the messy, chaotic and interconnected web of my hopes, dreams, imagination, love, and heartache 

Originally intended as a one-song collaboration, Miranda has spent recent years collaborating with Ben Carr AKA CARRTOONS on this endeavor. Our journey starts with “Circle,” right away we’re introduced to Miranda Joan’s sound. Her soulful voice is a delight to hear mixed perfectly with the jazzy rhythm, a great way to start our journey. The title track “Overstimulated” is next! And it perfectly lives up to its name. Saturating all the senses Miranda is a masterclass seductress. I can feel more R&B vibes listening to this one. Her vocals have a captivating effect on the listener, and the lyrics have a poetic quality. “Zero Gravity” features Sly5thAve (Sylvester Uzoma Onyejiaka II), who adds his wide array of musical qualities to Miranda‘s style. Both have created something that feels very noir, almost like being in a black-and-white 50s movie. “Coffee” is a short break. Only 50 seconds long the song feels like an interlude to what is to come. Miranda switches gears in “Too Much.” We hit overdrive and fly directly into an explosion of emotions. The song is full of energy and a sense of urgency. The instrumentation is rich and dynamic, creating the perfect backdrop for Miranda‘s vocals. “Where Did You Go” we are back into the 50s jazz realm. Miranda‘s vocals are sultry and alluring, making me feel like they are in a dream. The song has a beautiful flow, with smooth transitions between sections. It’s the perfect blend of classical and modern. “I’m Good” is a perfect continuation of the previous song. Chapter 2 of an overarching story. The instrumentation is even stronger, with a driving beat that adds to the emotions of the powerful lyrics. After a couple of slow ballads, Miranda once again switches realms with “Bada Bing!“. Featuring CARRTOONS, the playful jazzy tune is a perfect contrast to what we have been hearing before. The song features a strong, catchy chorus and a feel-good vibe. It’s a reminder that Miranda is a versatile artist who can switch from genre to genre with ease. “Butterflies” will make you fly! Featuring Hailey Niswanger, this collaboration has produced a beautiful song that blends pop, R&B, and jazz with no effort at all. The sax is simply breathtaking, enhancing the overall chill vibe of the tune. Miranda goes deep into herself with “She Knows.” I could see this song being played in a sad scene in a movie. It perfectly encapsulates the sorrows of losing someone. Miranda‘s voice has reached perfection here. An amazing song overall. “Kiss A Stranger” is our last stop. Miranda saved the most peculiar song for last. Not only do we get her soulful voice with the usual jazzy instrumentation but also a touch of electronic sprinkled in.

Sadly all good things must come to an end and we are out of songs. I’m grateful I had a chance to listen to Miranda‘s soulful voice and captivating songwriting. Her commitment to empowering female musicians has earned her a rightful place in the music scene. I can easily count myself as one of her devoted followers and can’t wait to hear what’s coming next! 





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