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American Idol finalist Abi Carter releases her empowering new single, “This Isn’t Over.” An anthem for anyone who’s overcome challenges and grown stronger. This inspirational track celebrates those who have faced adversity and emerged even stronger, like a diamond forged under pressure.

It’s always nice to come across new talent. That’s why it is a pleasure to introduce Californian rising star Abi Carter. Best known for her appearance on American Idol, at only 21 years old, she has already made a strong impression on the music scene. Her rendition of Billie Eilish’s “What Was I Made For?” was so impressive that it earned her a coveted Platinum Ticket, sending her straight to the second tier of the competition rounds on the program. 


Despite preparing to study psychology before American Idol put her into a sudden spotlight, everything exploded in ways she could never imagine. However, she felt drawn to music and songwriting long before even appearing on the show. When she wasn’t in school, she would play gigs at restaurants, country clubs, birthday parties, and busk on the streets. Now, she’s ready for the next step and starting her musical career.

There are too many great singers out there, but Abi Carter’s voice has an honest quality that sets her apart from the rest. Her music is influenced by artists like Lizzy McAlpine, Sara Bareilles, Gracie Abrams, and Taylor Swift. She performs from the very depths of her soul. There are very few artists who combine true talent and technical skill sets in a way that makes them stand out, and Abi Carter is one of them. 

Being the second oldest in a family of seven kids, Abi Carter grew up surrounded by music and art. She sang in church, participated in talent shows, and later in local competitions. However, it was when she learned to play the piano that her life was completely changed. Thanks to this, her passion for music was finally ignited.

Abi Carter is unveiling This Isn’t Over showcasing her exceptional skill set and finally solidifying her position as a powerful player in the industry. Released through 19 Entertainment and BMG, “This Isn’t Over” is an anthemic explosion of emotions. 

Sharing her story of personal growth and how she became a stronger person in the face of adversity, the pop tune is infused to the very core with Abi Carter’s unique style. The track conveys a sense of resilience and empowerment. The lyrics explore themes of how to overcome even the biggest obstacles life places before us, while the rhythm encapsulates the raw emotions associated with triumph and determination. Carter’s authentic and powerful vocal work brings these emotions to life, making the song truly an exceptional masterpiece.

“This Isn’t Over means so much to me because it’s about growing up and becoming a stronger person. It’s about finally being able to fight for the kid in me that couldn’t.”

It is not every day that we get to witness the rising of a new star. Abi Carter has already proven to be a force to be reckoned with, and now she’s ready to catapult herself to stardom using her talent and undeniable charisma. Legends of pop beware! Abi Carter is coming your way and she ain’t stopping!

Photos: Easton Schirra





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