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When someone musters the resolve to escape the suffocating grip of a toxic relationship, they deserve to be uplifted and empowered every step of the way. As they forge a path to reclaim their independence, a steadfast ally can make all the difference; someone cheering them on, someone who enthusiastically says “That’s My Bitch.

Ceara Cavalieri is a SoCal-based singer and songwriter with an unapologetic, high-intensity pop-rock sound amplifying an unwavering commitment to be bold and genuine. Her latest song, “That’s My Bitch” is a perfect encapsulation of this in-your-face and life-affirming attitude that feels so energizing to see and feel.


“I wrote this song about my best friend, who had recently gotten out of a relationship with this guy who was a total narcissist and serial cheater. She was feeling extremely sad about the whole situation and I wanted to remind her that she is ‘That Bitch’ and that she’s way better off without him. The song is a Bad Bitch Anthem that hypes her up, talking about how ‘she’s independent’ and ‘doesn’t need no man or attention.”

The track is all kinds of catchy, anchored by a fantastically effective percussion line that begs to be slammed and danced to. To call it merely “upbeat” would be an understatement – the song positively bounds with unbridled energy and beneath the infectious pop veneer, listeners will detect subtle hints of post-punk influence, with hazy guitar textures adding a gritty edge. Encapsulating Cavalieri’s spirit, “That’s My Bitch” is a truly electrifying “bad bitch anthem” of the highest order, celebrating the resilience of a friend emerging stronger than ever from a bad place.

Ceara Cavalieri’s lifelong love affair with music ignited at just 3 years old, leading the rising Californian songstress to hone her craft through shy teenage years of introspective songwriting. Now armed with a UCLA Psychology degree, Cavalieri has dedicated herself fully to crafting her distinct brand of captivating, infectious pop rock that’s currently landing her prime real estate on coveted Spotify playlists.




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