A Diamond in a Haystack: Novul doesn’t forget her small town roots

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Novul’s brand of pop is filled with the kind of attitude that always felt out of place in her small village outside of Saskatchewan, Canada, but her small-town roots set the stage for her “larger than life” sound. Her new song “Diamond in a Haystack” details feeling out of place and never fitting in, being born to stand out. Novul is on a mission to make people feel energized. “I want my music to be a place where it makes them feel confident, sassy, and powerful,” she adds, “a place they can just let loose and have fun.” And that’s the exact kind of energy that radiates throughout her music.  

Her sound is laced with 90s-inspired beats and punchy lyrics that hit hard, and her visuals tie it all together so well. Amassing over 5.5 million views on TikTok, she’s gained a cult-like fanbase addicted to her infectious, uplifting personality that radiates through the screen. After landing a spot opening for Aqua on their North American tour, it’s clear that her passion has always paid off. 
















Tell me about your new song, “Diamond in a Haystack.” what’s the story behind it? 

Grammy-nominated producer Emile Ghantous heard my song “BIG & RICH” and directly messaged me to do a session together. I was so excited as he’s got quite the resume of records. We started the session off with me sharing my whole story, how I grew up in a small prairie village in Saskatchewan, Canada, population of 495 people. How I always felt different living there, like a diamond in a haystack, never truly fitting in. He was like, “That’s it!” And we instantly started writing! The song is about going back to your hometown and reconnecting with that special someone you’ve known your whole life and thinking back on those memories.

I’m also from a small town! How did growing up there shape your world-view and your music? 

Nothing like a small-town girl! Growing up in a small town definitely shaped not only my music but me as a person. People wouldn’t think this, but I’m very tomboy. My parents taught me everything because where we came from, we couldn’t just call someone to come fix things, or we couldn’t just go get take-out food. We lived in the middle of nowhere, so we had to do a lot of our own. I do that with my career now. I style myself, I creative direct, I manage myself, I do glam, etc., and I love it. I have a vision for my brand, and I work really hard. 


Is there anything that you miss about it or feel nostalgic about? 

I’d have to say what I miss the most is probably the neighborhood friendliness of everybody knows everybody. They’re something really special about that, it’s very comforting. 















Was it difficult for you to make the shift to Los Angeles? 

I love where I come from; however, I always felt different. I was a super artistic kid, and where I come from, the arts aren’t really a thing. I always had a dream of leaving my little prairie town and going to a big city to pursue music. Once I graduated high school, I decided I was going to take the risk and move to Los Angeles to pursue my dreams of being a recording artist. It was definitely a big change, but I also loved how fast-paced everything was. 


Aside from the big move, what has been one of the biggest challenges you’ve faced? 

One of the biggest challenges in my career is not getting in my head about some things. I can sometimes overthink, wondering what the fans will think of this song. How will the industry take it? I’ve learned being independent, that anything I’ve created, I know my fans will love because I made it, and if a song doesn’t succeed at a level I want, I know I wrote it for someone out there, and they’re excited. 


How are you prepping for your upcoming tour with Aqua? I feel like the 90’s influence in your music will fit perfectly!

Ah! I’m so excited for tour! I still can’t believe I’m opening for Aqua! I’ve been rehearsing with my dancers every day, learning some new choreography for some upcoming singles that I’ll be performing, “Diamond in a Haystack” being one of them. I always want to change up my shows slightly, so it’s always exciting for my fans. I also just got new merch that I’m really excited to share and bring on tour. 


What keeps you motivated on tour and to keep going?

Whenever I get direct messages from fans or comments on my posts about my songs, I know I’m doing something right. I’m finding ways to connect with people, and that is my main goal. I love people! I love entertaining people! I get a real high being on stage and having them sing my lyrics back to me. 


What would you tell your younger self?

My advice to my younger self is never to give up and keep pushing, and something is bound to happen. It’s our fear that makes you want to deflect. As long as you’re passionate about what you’re doing, that’s all that matters. 





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