Music Review:Junior Boys, 'it’s all true' and Banana Ripple Video

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I have been listening to this album incessantly over the last few weeks and it fills a void I never knew I needed filled. More than electronica, new age or synth- pop, the Junior Boys sounds issues elements of soul that make you want to dance while crying. It’s All True, the Canadian duo’s fourth alum has done an impeccable job of crafting an album that always leaves you wanting more. The beats are out of this world and a new way to approach music. Jeremy Greenspan’s, breath heavy voice is seductive in the way that  like I stated previously leaves you wanting more…
The most sophisticated pop song I have heard in a long time is “A Truly Happy Ending”. The song explores longings, freedom and reality in dance heavy beat that might make you want to do the fist pump and choreographed dances with your friends. Other standouts are, “Itchy Fingers”, “Playtime”, “The Reservoir”, “Second Chance”, and the epic close “Banana Ripple”.
Greenspan went to Shanghai to write and begin recording It’s All True. Traces of the influence of the trip can be heard in  “Itchy Fingers” which features local musicians Greenspan recorded during his sojourn and seen on the cover, (Jeremy’s sister took the album cover of the UK Pavilion in Shanghai, China).  When Greenspan returned to his native Hamilton, Ontario he was joined by Matthew Didemus to record in the band’s recently constructed studio where Greenspan had recently mixed and recorded a few tracks on Caribou’s most recent album, Swim.
This album drops today and the  best advice I can give you is to go buy it. It’s All True made me a very happy girl.
Junior Boys will be touring around the world in 2011 with their first dates kicking off in early June in their native Canada, to be followed by extensive touring of the US and Europe.  Dates to be announced soon.
Itchy Fingers
You’ll Improve Me
A Truly Happy Ending
The Reservoir
Second Chance
Kick The Can
Banana Ripple

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