LADYGUNN TV Sessions| Dan Croll | "From Nowhere" + "Home"

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Dan Croll has been on our radar and our playlists for the last few months. This English bred fellow has been making lush coated music and writing beautiful songs that capture your heart and soul. His capacity to write simple but complex melodies paired with diverse and unexpected additions like Afro-beats and rhythmic complexities make his music a sweet surprise and a pleasing easy listen. When he was 18 and he went from Newcastle, England to  study at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. Like most overachieving and talented people he soon went on to win awards, have sessions with the founder of his school, Sir Paul McCartney and later on to sign with Turn First Records. His music takes you to a calm centered place where you can relax for a minute and think about the beauty of the moment. Just close your eyes for a minute while listening to our acoustic session with him and then cancel your therapy session for the week.
He is set to release  his Debut LP Sweet Disarray on April 1st, 2014 on Capitol Records. Till then we will be consuming all the Croll our minds can take in.

photo / Joshua Shultz


“Home” video: HERE

“In/Out” video: HERE

“Compliment Your Soul” video: HERE

Executive Producer Koko Ntuen Directed/Produced by Joshua Shultz Groomer Samantha McCue Location Sunset Marquis Hotel

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