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photos + video / Jena Cumbo
story / Tiffany Diane Tso


Liam kissing the band “muse” Archer

The words “buzz band” have been thrown around when it comes to Leeds band Eagulls. However, the guys’ sudden apparition does not a buzz band make. They have been chugging away for four years, playing in the band and working full-time jobs concurrently. Last season, Eagulls signed to Partisan Records. Last week, they played Letterman and met Bill Murray. This month, they all vow to leave their jobs to spend more time pursuing the band.

So maybe these guys have just appeared on the newsfeeds of the masses of short-attention-spanned listeners of pop; they definitely don’t feel associated with the buzz. True to punk form, guitarist Liam Matthews told me they would all be happy just playing in the basement together. The band, comprised of Liam, singer George Mitchell, bassist Tom Kelly, drummer Henry Ruddell and guitarist Mark “Goldy” Goldsworthy, have already garnered a party boy, fuck all reputation, what with publications like Village Voice posting drunken tattooing stories, bare ass photos (NSFW) and their right-in-your-face, packed energetically angsty performances. They definitely are somewhat of party guys, just not the kind that run rioting in the streets with crowbars and 40s. Not that I’d rule that out.


Top to Bottom: George Mitchell, Mark Goldsworthy, Liam Matthews, Tom Kelly, Henry Ruddell

Their music alone absolutely evokes a debaucherous image; their garage/post-punk sound had me imagining something between My Bloody Valentine and NOBUNNY live. Which wasn’t too far off, I suppose.

The guys’ lives off stage are far different than the stereotyped punk image. Tom Kelly manages a bar back home, while the rest work(ed) in retail of some sort. A couple of them already had to quit just to make the trip to New York last week. Liam works at a Tesco supermarket, which is like the Wal-Mart of the U.K.

Truly, Eagulls is only on their first lap of the musical “fame” (I know they’d scoff at my use of the word) game, having only been to the U.S. for SXSW in Austin last year and NYC. They are, however, headed out on some pretty heavy European touring the next couple months and stopping in Austin again for the festival. With just a couple splits and EPs currently on the shelves, the band is releasing their debut self-titled full-length album March 4, through Partisan.

Take it or leave it; Eagulls don’t seem to want to join a music industry they are critical about. Assign whatever image you really want to the band. They seem to truly give no fucks.

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