VK Lille Presentation @ Curve Store

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When you want to attain inner peace and stability and navigate through life with good luck and humility, what do you do? Well, if you’re anything like Tilda Swinton or Daphne Guinness you’ll purchase one of Parisian jewelry designer VK lillie’s leather medicine bags (fashioned from the fingers of discarded gloves) and seven semi precious stones. Drawing from Native American influences, each medicine bag is meant to bring about everything from luck, health, fortune, empathy, love and patience depending on which of the stones swings from your neck at any given time.
“It’s important to focus on one stone at a time,” cautions designer Kira Lillie while at the launch cocktail party at Curve in SoHo last night. “I’ve been wearing the rose quartz , which is meant to help with self-love, and it’s amazing how I’ve been transformed.”
The shoppers had their choice of three variations of pouches – the silver and gold, the medicine bags and the Finger Tip collection. Examples of each hung from broken tree branches in Curve’s wood-lined store, which is outfitted in earthy colors and white candles. Indeed, if the stones don’t guide you on a spiritual journey to inner peace, than last night’s complimentary tequila and champagne served by hunky bartenders amongst rows of carefully selected Alexander McQueen and Antonio Berardi items, proved a temporary fix. (Melissa Noble)
Store Set Design and Art Installation by Nini Gollong
(Assisted by Jessica Wright and Ivan Dutton)


Kira Lillie and Topaz Page-Green
Nevena Borissova and Kira Lillie

Nini Gollong, Maia hawad, and Kira Lillie

Art installation by Nini Gollong.
Jessica Wright and Ivan Dutton

Photos/ Brian Schutza

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