R.I.P The Twenty Ten

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The now defunct designs of trio, The Twentyten, were simply cool. The three met while studying design at Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute and the dynamic relationship took off. The Twentyten are: Jeff Dodd, David J. Krause, and Nina Zilka. When they aren’t posting contemplative and environmentally aware postings, a proposed series entitled Fabulous on Food Stamps is in the works, on the Twentyten blog, they blew the critics away with their masterful designs. The designers had a smashing sense of humor as their youthful designs are donned by a significantly older model on their website. Colorfully juxtaposing delicate and rock hard concepts as their most recent offering was inspired by sunsets cascading over desert landfills. They found beauty in what could be interpreted as a natural waste receptacle. In the same breath, the team is a part of fashion’s continuing and successful efforts in creating environmentally conscious clothing. The Twentyten team used recycled, sustainable and organic fabrics. The designs are best suited for the woman who cares about the where and why of her attire, while having un-mimicable style, grace and poise. The Twentyten were based out of an amazing space located in the Brooklyn Navy yard. As members of the Pratt Design Incubator for Sustainable Innovation, the threesome are dedicated to fashioning morally responsible pieces that the producers and the consumers could feel good about inside and out. We will miss you. (Parice Grant).

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