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Blazer: Evan-Picone Top: Armani Jeans Green fabric: Evan-Picone Brown Skirt: Newport Pants: Michael Kors Shoes: Vagabond Earrings: Due Drops

White Button-up 1: Vetements White Button-up 2: Axist Pants: Claudia Ferme Shoes: Nike Earrings: Due Drops

Head Scarf: Chuangdi Blazer: Stafford Essentials Armwarmers: Claudia Ferme Boots: Isa Boulder Earrings: Due Drops

Top: Osstunee Belt: Claudia Ferme Skirt: Lena Gabrielle Legwarmers: Foot Traffic Boots: Regent Earrings: Due Drops

Face Net: Chaungdi Jacket: Wilson Leather Top: CottyOn Fur Skirt: Glamsia Leggings: Maroske Peech Shoes: Anne Klein Earrings: Due Drops


 Starring: Claudia Ferme

Photos: The O.X. Project

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