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by / Erica Russell

New York Fashion Week is officially upon us. But what’s a little fierce fashion without some fresh tunes to accompany it down the catwalk? To celebrate the arrival of all things seasonal-sartorial, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite musical artists and combined them with our most coveted designers to create an audio-visual combination that just fits.
Jeremy Scott x Sky Ferreira “Boys”
Jeremy Scott’s colorful punk-rock shows are always a little bit of a middle finger to the fashion industry – in the most tongue-in-cheek way, of course. So who could be a better fit for Scott than pop’s resident rebel, Sky Ferreira? The throbbing new wave synths and jagged guitar riffs of “Boys” off Ferreira’s album ‘Night Time, My Time’ has just the right amount of edge to propel Scott’s candy-colored rock n’ roll girls and boys down the runway.
Mara Hoffman x Mercedes “Live in the Speaker”
Copenhagen-based rap newcomer Mercedes’ bombastic “Live in the Speaker” is a fresh, sunny pop-rap track with raspy verses and loving nods to lighthearted 80’s and 90’s hip-hop. The neo-tribal beats are a perfect sonic accompaniment to Hoffman’s colorful, tropical prints and bright designs.
Chromat x Veronika Vesper “Fuck The Ego”
London-based emerging pop star Veronika Vesper’s massive dance track “Fuck The Ego” opens with a feminine robotic voice declaring: “fashion for the next generation.” What better could be said of NYC design house Chromat’s architectural and sensual space-age designs? The pulsating techno, dominatrix vocals, and sexy electronics of the track are a seamless fit for Chromat’s futuristic garments.
Phillip Lim x Deap Vally “Gonna Make My Own Money”
The clean palettes and crisp silhouettes of Phillip Lim’s collection tend to pop surprisingly well against a sonic backdrop of rock n’ roll. A perfect pairing might include Los Angeles duo Deep Valley, whose sweltering track “Gonna Make My Own Money” would make for a riotous juxtaposition of post-Joan Jett bluesy jagged-rock set against Lim’s tidy, feminine designs.
Alexander Wang x Kool Head “Leon”
Alexander Wang’s edgy downtown designs practically beg for a fresh, street-savvy hip-hop soundtrack. Emerging “black wave” duo Kool Head’s recently premiered track “Leon” has just the right mix of new wave synths, neo-soul vox, and fresh funk-rap to pair with Wang’s effortless cool. Street-wear begets street cred.

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