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Lydia Hudgens, photographer, putting on her lipstick

Cameron Washington (left) – fashion network and Venner James, stylist, going to the Darkoh Mens wear show

Matthew and Oliver, self proclaimed people watchers

from left to right – Valentino Lucas, Tyrone Betters and Nicholai Preiser, models

Kasheem Daniels, photographer with Fucking Young Magazine,

Sarah Butler, stylist,

Yuri from Ploosh with his Hippo bag,

Maya, fashion student at Parsons, heading to the Dennis Basso show

Martha Napier, creative director and illustrator,

Zahra Sandberg and Jyoti Rathi, style bloggers heading to the Dennis Basso show

photographers flocking

bags and boots

Fashion crossing

Hannah Stoudemire (left) blogger/model and Jerrica Patton singer/model,  having a very ‘Inspiring time’ at fashion week

Everyone’s on the move


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