#NYFW The Blonds

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photographer/ Jackie Gasc

writer / Alyssa Hardy

The Blonds have the most entertaining show of New York Fashion Week. Not only are the clothes bold and the models animated, the crowd interaction is unlike anything else you will see. I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard, “Yas Queen!” yelled out at a Tommy Hilfiger show. For most people, the show is nostalgic. It’s like Studio 54 meets New York Fashion Week 1997, where all artists involved are able to show off their work at a high level and where audience members of every community can be completely themselves, pasties, stilettos, et al. I decided to go braless in a leopard print shift dress. This was a major risk for me and I was probably the tamest person there.
The collection was completely on par with what you’d expect from the eccentric duo. Blonde pigtail wigs adorned the heads of the strikingly tall models, dressed from head to toe in gold jewels. They were inspired by Egyptian burial rituals, which showed in the textures of the pieces, and more obviously in the tomb shaped nails created by the ever brilliant CND team. The shoes were high and the skirts were short and it was everything the crowd was asking for.
As the designers took their final walk, the crowd yelled so loud it felt like I was at a One Direction (RIP) concert. I even heard a woman behind me scream out, “I want to rip that jumpsuit right off of you and lick it,” and honestly, given the context that wasn’t weird at all.

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