#NYFW Backstage @ Libertine

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Photos by Andrew T. White
Story by Alyssa Hardy
Libertine’s Autumn/Winter 2016 show was exactly what you would expect from the playful minded designer Johnson Hartig. Models with crushed stones on tights, big pink coats, embroidered capes, rhinestoned nails and barrettes in their hair came prancing down the runway. The audience was filled with as many fashion insiders and purposeful outsiders that you could imagine. “I think anywhere I can put decoration I will,” Johnson mused after the show. He was in a post-show daze bouncing up on his toes and looking around with excitement.
After his punk clad models paraded down the runway one by one, the finale walk, typical to every Libertine show had models running together smiling and laughing. In an interesting twist, true to the brands namesake, the models were carrying protest signs with Pro-Bernie Sanders, join the revolution messages. “I think that everywhere is a good place to spread great messages. What better place than a fashion show.” The show ended with Hartig holding up his own discernible call to action, “buy more libertine!”
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