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photographer / David Joseph Perez

hair + makeup /  Stephanie Peterson

stylist / Javier Lewis

Sharmina @ Q Models

interview  / Koko Ntuen

What is the most challenging thing about modeling? The long hours.
Why did you want to be a model? It looked so glamorous and fun.. And allows you to travel around the world.
Who are your favorite models? Noemi Lenoir and Jon Kortajarena.

When is the last time you took a vacation? Last june. I went to Greece with my older sister.
Who is your celebrity crush? Jon Kortajarena.
What is on your wishlist right now? To go to MIAMI!

Are you dating anyone? Yes.
Who? How did  you meet? A guy I grew up with.

What is the rudest thing anyone every said to you on a casting? You have a big forehead.

Where do you want to be in one year? Back in NYC.

What is your dream campaign? Victoria Secret.
How many siblings do you have? 5.
Where are you from? London.
What was your high school experience like? I was really shy at school.
Jacket, Ashish. Bustier, Betsey Johnson. Shorts,  Margarita Saplala. Earrings, Lee Angel.
Dress, Betsey Johnson. Bracelet, Delphine-Charlotte Parmetier. Shoe, Jerome Rosseau. 

Dress, Betsey Johnson. Bracelets, Lee Angel.
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