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photo / Kati Yewell

Phil Gomez or Styledbyphil to most of the fashion set, is known for his boundary-pushing, gender-bending styling and creative direction on the pages of your favorite magazines to the music videos of your favorite artists. He assembles clothing like an artist might try a new stroke with a paintbrush, no style is ever the same, and each a new adventure to the eye. With his adorable bespectacled face and chic millennial Alber Elbazish energy, he is as much a wonder as world he creates.
Years spent immersed in the fashion industry left Phil with a void that he filled with his very own fashion extravaganza, FASHUN TWEEK. It’s an alternate fashion week of sorts that has brought an excitement and interest back to NYFW for those nostalgic for the “good ole days,” when avant-threads and a highly curated selection of all of the chicest freaks in New York blended into one spectacle. Staying true to the underground roots, FASHUN TWEEK hosts an open casting call bringing an eclectic mix representing all types of characteristics, styles,origins and sizes to the runways and presentations of New York’s freshest designers.
“I feel NYFW has become very formulaic and predictable. For that reason FASHUN TWEEK has disrupted the fashion industry because the brands we feature don’t fit the typical fashion mold. These are brands that are breaking the mold and reinventing fashion and style but are not given the opportunity so now there is a platform for designers to do so.” Phil says.
This year StyledbyPhil teamed up with BULLETT media to bring back FASHUN TWEEK 2.0 featuring I Still Love You NYC, Sagan Incubator Fund’s Músed, Whatever 21,  Snowy Wilderness, Stella Rose and Paradox Vested Relics. The emerging designers presented their collections at ARROJO studios in Manhattan. With makeup direction by Julio Sandino, The 4-night spectacle featured performances byLove Bailey, Sandflower, Dick Van Dick & Chemise Cagoule DJ sets by Josephine Pearl Lee, fiends4evr, Guns Garcia & Vigiletti while some of our favorites muses, Cheeky Ma, Maya Monés, Itchel Choker, Marlot, Efie Liu & Nicky Ottav to name a few, paraded around like fashion dolls.

They were nights to be remembered. Don’t worry we got your #FOMO taken care of below!

DAY 1 featured I STILL LOVE YOU NYC  On Friday, September 9th at the Arrojo Studio in Soho. Her collection titled ICONIC featured on some of NY social media icons like Maya Mones, Effie Liu, Itchel Coker, Nicky Ottav, Toshi Salvino among others with Music by Guns Garcia and a super raw and sexy performance by Sandflower!

DAY 2 Saturday, September 10th at a new venue the ARROJO Tribeca studio was the setting for the SAGAN Incubator fund featuring WHATEVER TWENTYONE, MĂšSED & SNOWY WILDERNESS. With performances by SALOMON FAYE + NAS LEBER, DICK VAN DICK, VYLE, F. VIRTUE and so much more like music video drops and DJ sets this night was LIT!

DAY 3: SUNDAY, September 11th STELLA transported us to a surf rock tropical paradise where she debuted a collection of couture visors inspired by different tropical flowers creating a human garden at the front of the dance floor as FIENDS4EVR provided the vibes. The same night PARADOX VESTED RELICS  transported us, this time to a boys locker room for his collection inspired by Frat Culture and the paradox between the ideas of fraternity and the reality of hazing. While a collective of PVR fashion films streamed in the theatre. Concluding the weekend and the second installment of FASHUN TWEEK!
If this is the evolution of NYFW…All we can say is that we are super excited for FASHUN TWEEK 3.0!

photos / Jonathan Bouknight

poloroids  / Kati Yewell

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