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Due to COVID-19 and the disruption of traditional NYFW presentations, a collective of emerging designers, have banded together to give us  “Fashion After Quarantine”. A film exploring fashion in the time of a pandemic. We caught up with the designers and discussed the meaning of fashion in lockdown.

We can’t deny that our current global situation has affected everyone in many ways. But for some, it has also brought a major source of inspiration. Haixi Ren a zero-waste designer says “Quarantine pushed me to execute garments without machines, it inspired me to break the traditional way of garment construction. Instead of using yardages of fabrics, I used recycled swatches to create my look. By working this way I maximized sustainability in my designs.”

In a time with so much uncertainty we continue to wonder: how do we move forward from here? How will our daily lives be impacted and thus, how will NYFW change?

Karen Monsalve, a recent fashion design graduate expresses optimism “I think NYFW is going through a phase of positive change right now. With the new reality of so much going virtual, fashion is becoming more accessible and I think that’s a huge step because fashion is for everybody and not just the few people who get a ticket into a show.”

Brooklyn based designer Alec Blunt of PHALLIC CUNT says “NYFW is nearly impossible for a designer who is just starting out, to put on their own official show due to the enormous amount of money a show costs to produce. So the disruption of NYFW has been a blessing, as we figured we might actually have a chance to get our work seen since everyone has to find alternative ways of presenting. Through the process of making this film, I have also begun to consider that working within the fashion week calendar might not be the most conducive for my creative spirit or the right fit for my brand.”

This film takes you from the outbreak of COVID-19 to the gradual emergence from quarantine. Each designer’s Fashion After Quarantine capsule collection is featured in a vignette inspired by their different experiences in quarantine “I think that NYFW is being handled well and that it will have a different, yet positive effect on the fashion culture,” Victoria Downey says. “It will spawn creative influences and inspire designers around the world to make an impact in the fashion industry.”

So how does fashion look after quarantine? What are some ‘viral’ pandemic trends? “Other than masks, I have really gotten into gloves. Whether it be a pair of disposable gloves or full-length, rhinestoned opera gloves,” Alec Blunt says. “I feel they are absolutely an overlooked accessory, that also provide the function of personal protection… [I am a] designer whose focus stems from a long-standing passion for dismantling gender politics  through fashion and exposing audiences to alternative modes of expression.”

Another trend that has transpired out of quarantine is upcycling  “I really love up-cycled corsets made from vintage upholstery fabrics or even from old Nike sweatshirts! It’s a cute take on a very traditional silhouette” says Jessica Jade 24K.

“Something that I’ve been seeing pop up more recently, that I absolutely love has been corsets. They’re not only being utilized as a shaping tool anymore and are being used in really interesting ways,”  Daria Anastasia Mikhol told LADYGUNN. “There’s a lot of different techniques, fabrics, and variations I’ve seen of them and you can even see some really beautiful ones in the film!” Although we are still in the thick of this global pandemic, we are unable to truly answer the question of what fashion will be after quarantine, but we are excited to find out! While we might not be able to supply you with a finite answer in this film, we hope this offers a glimpse into the future of fashion and the up and coming minds of the fashion industry.

So Ladygunner’s you are cordially invited to experience a front-row seat look at “Fashion After Quarantine.”




story \ Phil Gomez \ @styledbyphil

Director / Alec Blunt / Phallic Cunt @phalliccvnt / Jessica Jade Dwyer @jessicajade24k

Designers / Alec Blunt / Phallic Cunt @phalliccvnt / Jessica Jade Dwyer @jessicajade24k / Ana Draovitch @ana_draovitch / Aldrian Diaz @aldriandiaz / Victoria Downey @victorialynn_designs  / Karen Monsalve @kmmlxo_  / Feihong YI @v.a_vassago / Haixi Ren @rencorporation / Daria Anastasia Mikho @daria.anastasia.apparel / Nathaly Delacruz @notnathalydelacruz

Models / Junior Mintt @juniormintt / Boy Radio / Jordan Hall / Baby Angel @baby_angel69 / Creighton Oliver / Lynley Eilers @lynleyeilers / Brenna Sherlock @brennamarieee / Nia Clark / Nia Monét @niamonetc / Yuri Mori @y0129k  / Boy Angel @itsboyangel / Antonio Castelli  / Nicky Ottav @nickyottav / Latisha Alanna Joseph @lonelanna  / Violet Spann @vvvvvvvviolet / Jack Rabbit Slims @jackburlesque / Jo Disco @jo.disco  / Nick Blankenship @nick_blankenship

Location / Popsicle Studios / @popsiclestudiosnyc

Director of Photography / Ibai Vigil-Escalera @ibaivigil

Editor / José André Sibaja / @joseandresibaja

Photos / Loredanna Nicole / @photosbyloredanna

Hair / Vince Smith / @vincesmithhairexperience

Makeup / Zuleika Viera / @zuleikavieramua

Makeup / Amy Slate / @amyslatemua

Music / Added Color / @addedcolor

Production Assistants  / Nicky Ottav / @nickyottav  / Jo Disco / @jo.disco

Nick Blankenship / @nick_blankenship

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