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Kily Shakley, a multi-talented showgirl, model, and costume designer from Tokyo, Japan intertwines fantasy and reality to highlight her colorful career. Almost all the pieces Shakley wears during the shoot are handmade costumes worn during her real-life performances – a testament to her creativity and craftsmanship. The different scenes depict the stages of a showgirl’s performative journey.

Each scene tells a story from the hush of the dressing room – a backstage sanctuary filled with the scent of powder and the echo of anticipation – to the thrilling, heart-pounding curtain call adorned in gold and red drapes. Kily gives homage to the timeless Hollywood glamour – the tantalizing glimmer of stage lights reflecting on radiant faces, the elaborately designed sets, and the intricate artistry in each costume. The result is a striking visual narrative that dances on the edge of dream and reality, all under the twinkling eye of the camera’s lens.

Photography/ creative direction: Lily Lytton (@lilylytton_photography)
Make up/ styling/ modelling: Kily Shakley  (@kily227)
Wardrobe Credits:
Pink robe: @Catherinedlish
Pink skirt: @imasa_official_jp
All other items hand made by Kily Shakley




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