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(THE PHX TAPES artwork)

If you’re a fan of pop music, then you simply have to check out UPSAHL. This young and talented artist is making waves in the music industry with her catchy beats, relatable lyrics, and undeniable talent.

UPSAHL’s music is infectious and fun, with upbeat rhythms and sing-along choruses that are sure to get stuck in your head. But there’s more to her music than just catchy hooks. Her lyrics are thoughtful and introspective, exploring the highs and lows of love, life, and everything in between.

One of the things that sets music artist, UPSAHL, apart from other pop artists is her unique voice. It’s raw, powerful, and vulnerable, and it draws you in and makes you feel like you’re right there with her. Whether she’s belting out a high note or whispering a confessional line, UPSAHL’s voice is always captivating.

But perhaps the most impressive thing about UPSAHL is her versatility. She’s able to seamlessly transition from upbeat dance tracks to moody ballads, showcasing her range as an artist and songwriter. No matter what style of music she’s tackling, UPSAHL always manages to make it her own.

Today UPSAHL officially announced THE PHX (Phoenix) TAPES, which is a new project that will consist of regular paired (SIDE A/SIDE B) releases from the pop iconoclast. Today she debuts volume one with her two new songs “GOOD GIRL ERA” (SIDE A) and “CONDOMS” (SIDE B). We were able to listen to them early and can hard vouch that you should totally listen to the tracks using this link.

The SIDE A/SIDE B release format pays homage to 90s-era mixtapes and illustrates the duality of UPSAHL. About the songs:

“GOOD GIRL ERA” is upbeat, and infectious, and invites the listener to chant along as she voices her frustration with green juice, pilates, and trying to be “good.” The accompanying video is a cartoonish, Jekyll and Hyde-esque battle between the two sides of UPSAHL. You can watch the video here

“CONDOMS” is a stripped-down melody that’s emotional yet comical, putting her vocal prowess at the forefront as she sings about “burying her problems into no-name lovers.” The official video featuring a gritty late-night trip to the convenience store debuts today – watch it above or here! 

UPSAHL shares, “I had been writing so many songs since the beginning of the year and started sharing them with friends the way I shared music when I was a kid growing up in Phoenix. Sort of like how mixtapes used to be passed around.” 

This release is different from my past releases because there was no specific purpose during my writing process. I feel so free in making music right now, and everything I’m creating feels like an experiment. There are no boundaries, no genres, no lines that I am too scared to cross.” 


(UPSAHL, photo credit: Aubree Estrella)

Want to see UPSAHL live? You are in luck as her tour kicks off April 29 in Tampa, FL at Crowbar. Check her full tour schedule here! Later this summer she will also perform at multiple large music festivals including Lollapalooza (August 6) and Outside Lands (August 13), before joining Tove Lo on tour this fall! With her artistic creativity and dope music, we can totally see she has such a stacked schedule!

These tour dates follow on the heels of her astrology-themed EP, Sagittarius, timed to Sagittarius season. On the EP, UPSAHL offers listeners an introspective glimpse into her dynamic personality and explores the multifaceted experience of being a Sagittarius. A purveyor of self-love and confidence, it revolves around themes of acceptance, tapping into inner strength, and resilience. Each song on the project taps into a different trait intrinsic to the fire sign.

We are so excited to listen to the next Volumes of THE PHX TAPES and we cannot wait to catch up with her at Outside Lands later this Summer!


Connect with UPSAHL:

Instagram // Spotify // Facebook 

Words//Will Bollini + The Oriel


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