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Emma Neveux is one of the faces spearheading the KUMO Collective – a multimedia platform built by and for young artists from around the globe. The main goal of this collective is to establish a space where everyone can express their art, give proper recognition to their members, and help them achieve success, all united under one single banner. 

Being a Kumoïte means simply being yourself to the fullest. A plethora of backgrounds and worlds are present in the collective, and they can be inspired and influenced by various other cultures, while always remaining true to their art. Breaking borders and modern rules with art and exposing who you are is the true essence of a Kumoïte.

KUMO is a cloud comprised of countless young minds who strive to innovate and influence the world around them through their respective medium. No single drop can form a cloud, no individual forms a community, but together, we span the artistic spectrum, and we hope you will find a space in our collective and become a part of our community.
– the KUMO Collective Team

Hailing from France, is Emma Neveux, co-founder and the head of A&R/PR and collective events. She co-founded the KUMO Collective during the middle of her first master’s in London. One of Emma’s key responsibilities, in addition to overseeing the project, is to cultivate a diverse network of artists hailing from all corners of the globe. She actively scouts and oversees the development of emerging talents, and has played a crucial role in organizing events in some of the world’s most vibrant cultural hubs, including Paris, Tokyo, Brussels, and Los Angeles. Emma is dedicated to expanding this network and continuously seeking out new connections with talented individuals worldwide. Through her efforts, she helps create a dynamic community that bridges artistic expressions from various cultures together. 

“I am a passionate advocate for music and creativity. I grew up in Paris but moved around through London, Melbourne, Spain, and Los Angeles for my studies and work, from which I have gathered a diaspora of experiences and gained invaluable cultural exposure, which I try to input within my professional music exploration.” Emma explains, and then adds, “My expertise extends to finding compelling artists, guiding and assisting in their artistic development journey as well as in social media branding and creating engaging content that resonates with diverse audiences.“

Notable highlights of their flagship events are the FLOAT Festival where the KUMO Collective and Le Mazette formed an alliance, implementing performing, visual, and fashion arts to create a unique experience. The event took place on a boat where at each level something different was presented, one that focused on music with all kinds of artists, the same was done for the visual art exhibition, while in the meantime another one contained pop-up shows centered around emerging fashion designers. All of this gave performers a chance to meet people outside their usual social group, an opportunity for them to get much-deserved exposure. 

Panel discussions, exhibitions, DJ sets, bar, food, and more are what you could find at The KUMO Expo, held at the EST Galerie on April 19-20. From photography to short movies, to enrich the experience, KUMO also curated some of Paris’ most talented emerging artists and underground DJs. Thought-provoking talks, immersive displays, and lively entertainment, The KUMO Expo had something for everyone, including the bar and food corner, which was an opportunity for contemporary chefs and innovative brands to showcase their art, which according to Kumoïte’s own words, “art can be found everywhere.”

Last but not least, the introduction of the Egyptian and Los Angeles-based DJ Toola. This showcase will take place in Winston House, Venice, CA. The occasion will be an opportunity for the artist to present Yellow Moon, an extensive collection of mixes, exposing his ability to display his extensive genres and influences. Toola will perform his musical journey by making his audience travel through a 4-hour set that blends a special compilation of his last 50 mix releases. The event will take place on May 18, promising to offer a profound sonic experience through the entire night.

Emma Neveux, a key member of the KUMO Collective, plays an integral role in the organization’s global mission. Through her expansive network and expertise, they have provided artists with a platform to express their voices, gain much-deserved exposure, get the recognition they deserve, and even more importantly, support each other as a community. The flagship events and the formation of alliances with other organizations have allowed the KUMO Collective to expand exponentially and create unique experiences for artists and audiences alike. 

“Our approach is not just about managing artists, but about inspiring and empowering them to reach their fullest potential. I foresee unlimited creative possibilities for emerging artists who are willing to throw themselves into their passion. I believe that there is talent everywhere, but few have the power to make it thrive. KUMO is the powerhouse for those talents” 

– Emma Neveux on the KUMO Collective

We’re very excited to see what else is on the horizon for Emma and the KUMO Collective. Be sure to check out her work, and the KUMO Collective’s upcoming events, their offerings are something you get once in a lifetime!



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