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In the new world consumed by loungewear, pants with a waistband seem like a much needed escape. And what better way to fantasize than with UX Designer (and former music producer) Jojo Yang, her fashion designer wife Michala Brauner (who is launching her line, GRØNKJÆR, as soon as she possibly can), and their impeccably awesome closet. As an aside, there was so much stylish person eye candy present that we allowed them to break the One Thing editorial rules, just this once. Here, they remind us how an outfit can tell a story, that a living room can double as a campground, and that it’s definitely uplifting to put aside the struggle of pants in favor of some really, really fire looks in the best–and worst–of times. 

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a more aesthetically awesome couple. What are you guys wearing today?

That’s very flattering, given that we’ve both been struggling to put on real pants lately! Apologies for breaking the rules and having TWO “One Thing”s. We were very excited about putting on real clothes again and couldn’t choose!

[Jojo] I’m wearing an Issey Miyake full-length windbreaker in my sportier look, paired with a fast-fashion top, COS pants, and Balenciaga sneakers. In my second outfit, I’m wearing a GRØNKJÆR original jacket dress (yep, that’s Michala’s brand!), Issey Miyake pleated pants, and Converse X Neighborhood sneakers.

[Michala] In my pink outfit, I’m wearing an upcycled piece of my own that’s a fused jacket made of a thrifted knitwear sweater and a button-down shirt. I paired it with a Proenza Schouler skirt, and Acne sock sneakers that I wear almost every day with every outfit. They just slip right on! In my second outfit, I’m wearing an Acne men’s shirt and pants from my Master’s collection. Same shoes.

Any special story behind your looks? BOTH of your jackets are such dream things.

[Michala] Yeah, I’m very fascinated with fusing things together to tell a new story. My pink jacket is kind of telling a new story created from something old. My Proenza Schouler skirt was purchased at a steal! That can make anybody happy. 

[Jojo] I scored the Issey Miyake windbreaker from some men’s department, my preferred department, right before the pandemic and haven’t had a chance to wear it – debuting it right here on Ladygunn! The GRØNKJÆR jacket is something that Michala created for her Master’s collection. I’m always eyeing it and afraid to wear it because it’s so beautiful and delicate. Wifey finally gave me the ok!

How did you guys meet? And how long have you guys been together? 

[Jojo] Like most modern day romances, we met on the internet. Michala was living in Copenhagen at the time and I had just moved to LA from Chicago. It was a combination of a couple OK Cupid messages and a few likes on Instagram that finally brought us together IRL. We spent thirty-one hours together in LA and that’s all it took. I was hooked! We embarked on a long distance journey that lasted two years before Michala finally moved to LA permanently. We got married and have been together for almost four years. Whoa.

[Michala] I did some light stalking after seeing a photo of her on this cute little moped wearing these skinny jeans. Hard not to go after. Those skinny jeans are long gone now, shame. Those legs! 

Did you feel like your style had evolved or merged as a couple? In what ways?

Yes! Michala wears more black. Jojo wears some color now. 

You guys genuinely seem to be good at life. Any advice for couples out there, trying to work out their things in this weird world we’re currently in? 

Wow! We give off the impression that we’re good at life? Must be doing something right! We’re definitely taking it day by day but here’s how we’re surviving the pandemic 1. Talk it out – communication is key (duh) 2. Get out of each other’s hair (double duh). 3. Do a lot of silly shit like setting up a tent in your living room to go “camping” 4. Don’t judge each other for eating dessert for every meal. If it brings you joy then it’s appropriate.

What are you guys wearing on the regular (when you’re not being shot by Maria)?

[Jojo] I’m rotating between a few pairs of sweatpants, or no pants at all, and a slew of oversized shirts. I have to be on video conference calls for work all day so sometimes I wear a nice shirt if I’m feeling ambitious.

[Michala]  I struggle with getting out of my running clothes after my morning run. Jojo thinks this is gross, for some craaaazy reason. I don’t really have sweatpants,  I still put on dresses or regular pants. I miss wearing my nice white dresses though. 

Any projects you guys are working on currently? Or not, that’s totally ok too:

[Michala]  I’m currently working on a new collection that will hopefully see the light of day soon. This time is tough on fashion but at the same time it’s also a good time to create and move forward. 

[Jojo] What projects aren’t I working on? I built a wooden robot that doubles as a music box, a wooden hand crank driven projector that doubles a night light, I’ve taken on all maintenance responsibilities in our loft and have fixed both the dishwasher and sink, and I might put out some pandemic themed meditation music that I’ve been producing. 





photos / Maria Jose Govea

story / Tiyana Grulovic

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