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Women have been earning more bachelor’s degrees than men since 1982, as well as more master’s degrees than men since 1987. However, the fact remains that the gender wage gap maintains a strong presence in America. Women account for over 50 percent of the workforce in this country, yet they are making 26 percent less than their male peers. There are more than a handful of women that want the opportunity to talk about their personal experiences in searching for equality in male-dominated industries.  In “As A Woman” HRDWRKER X LADYGUNN in association with THINX present five outstanding professionals unique perspectives on the gender-motivated inequity they face on a regular basis.

Through their stories, we will not just touch on issues of unequal pay- but we will navigate through of treatment in the workplace. The subjects will also have the opportunity to offer viewers knowledge as to how being a woman has given them a special edge and allowed them to succeed in their business of choice. While women make up the majority of professional employees, the female population as a whole is still struggling to find security in male-dominated industries. We are now seeing more young girls and women make strides in entering areas of STEM, law, film, music, medicine etc. This series will offer support to those who are working to break tradition and go against the grain by providing them with access to advice from women who have paved the way.

There is no doubt about the unbalanced weight we put on gender and sex in today’s world. Despite the many adversities we face in many industries often dominated with patriarchal interest, women are a force of nature in the world that will shatter any concept of glass ceilings that are placed in front of us.



 Tattoo Artist & Shop Owner

What are your passions?

 Art, dancing, adventures, and the constant pursuit of happiness!

 What do you think is your biggest obstacle as a woman in today’s world?

I think that things like not being taken seriously are behind me after proving myself as an artist.

 When is a time you were proud of yourself?

I am proud of myself every time I take a risk, or go out on a limb and believe in myself. I’m proud of the fact that I continue to learn and grow. 

What is your greatest accomplishment in your field?

I think my greatest accomplishments are yet to come, but taking over the shop where I “grew up” is a good start. 

Who is a woman that inspires you?

My mom inspires me. She is the strongest and bravest woman I know. She taught me that I can do anything, and survive anything. 

What is the glass ceiling to you?

I accept no glass ceiling in my life. 

photos / Graham Walzer    

interviews / Koko Ntuen

There was never a moment in which Zoey Taylor wasn’t drawing. For as long as the tattoo artist can remember, art was her go-to form of expression. At a young age, Zoey was removed from society and isolated them in the Oregon woods. While confined, Zoey was stripped of all things that could connect her to the outside world. Zoey did not have much of anything during this time, but she did have her art.  When she turned 18, she was able to move to the city and really develop her passion for creating. Zoey explored several job options, but realized that she did not have the conventional education most employers required due to her upbringing. However, she had talent and it wasn’t long before the opportunity to learn how to tattoo presented itself to her.  After spending several years at her first shop on Hollywood Blvd., Zoey ventured out on her own and moved to a private studio. From there, she successfully opened what has developed into one of the most notable tattoo shops in Los Angeles, CA: The Warren Tattoo. It has been over 15 years since she began her journey into tattooing and to say that she loves it would be an understatement.  When Zoey isn’t tattooing at her shop, she is working on a regular basis to improve child and sex abuse laws in the country, with hopes that the people who are victims of such conduct are given the justice they deserve.
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