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From posing for Ryan Mcginley to being one of the leading faces of the New Pandemics models, Mycky is a muse in every sense of the world. The artist studied fashion design in college before switching to communications and dabbling in freelance hair and make-up. She considers herself a digital artist, but currently, the majority of her focus is on tattooing and being a spiritual healer.

It’s a new world where artist use their kaleidoscope of talents to get their messages across in more ways than one. Mycky is no stranger to the fast pace of the world so when the world seemed to stop for COVID-19 she was one of the millions of creators that had to reflect on earth, humans and everything in between. I talked to her about her inner thoughts on the current state of mankind,

Can you tell me what the heck is going on?

I honestly don’t know what is going on! it feels like maybe the world is being put on time out. Almost as if the universe had to remind us that we’re not ass superior as we thought were & all the materialistic things, money, weapons, etc doesn’t matter anymore. There are things bigger than us. We are being humbled right now and forced to look within ourselves.

How the interactions with people or boys look like during quarantine? it is disappearing or just changing character? is it more personal or even emotional because people are deep in fear?

My ex is hitting me up and other boys want to hang out. And I’m like “ we are in the middle of fucking quarantine now’’  and I’m not going to risk on my health for someone who didn’t show me respect or care about me, while things were normal. Now that shit is kind of scary and raw they wanna use you for emotional support. They may not want to use you sexually but they want you now to be their therapist, to be there for all this shit. I’m not gonna do it for any guy. If it means I’m going to be alone, ill be alone, because my psychical health and mental health come first.

Do u think that when all this madness will end we going to act differently, like no more one-night stand or general fucking around and being careless? Is the era of tinder going to die?

I think it’s going to go two ways. It will be people who spent quarantine alone and isolate. They are being forced to new lifestyle adjustments and will be tending to find someone serious to be with.

And it will be people who get to realize that nothing is really promised tomorrow, life is so fragile. We can be here today and gone tomorrow. When you realize that it makes you wanna have no regrets. so those people going to cherish life even stronger than before.

So you think that all this crisis is going to have a positive influence on us after all?

Honestly, I don’t know. I do know that all that was normal to us before it’s not going to be normal anymore. It’s going to be a new normal thing. In terms of interacting it’s going put strain on it. It will be people thinking twice before getting close to someone, and ppl acting like fuck it and doing their thing. One minute u can be like I’m horny I want to fuck but another minute u maybe like let me think about it. if it’s worth it.  We don’t know what to expect really.

But if we survive the world will be changed rather? whats a positive aspect of it.

It’s good that we were forced to take a break and relax. You know capitalism really puts a strain on people. like getting up, going to work, working 12 hours, coming home. for once, even if we cannot be with each other we don’t have to worry about being late to work, running somewhere, getting a new metro card, dealing with the crazy attitudes of customers, paying rent.

It just all stopped and we have to face ourselves and who we are.

For the first time in a long time I’m able to kind of seat down, pause, not play any role in society and be alone with my thoughts. You get so caught up in your routine daily and trying to have an appearance on social media that you lose yourself. Every day when I wake up I turn on music and I just dance. It’s kind of like I’m being human for the first time. I’m finally free. But the downside is that we feel lonely sometimes. I miss getting in contact with people, to give a hug, just going out to the bar, having someone shoulder on me, just simple things.

Your Instagram handle “is healing is needed”. its funny, now finally we are in a moment that healing is needed in many different areas of life. Glob needs healing, the earth needs healing, mental health needs a healing, political system, etc Finally we are forced to heal or die.

It’s a perfect time to deal with shit. We have enough time to work through our personal traumas or mental issues. Now its time reevaluate our human criteria. and I’ll get out of quarantine either super strong or super crazy.






photos & story / Anna Bloda

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