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Anna Bloda is one of the most fearless, sexy, talented badass babes we know. Her photography is raw, energetic and is the type of work that pumps through the veins of NYC. Capturing everything from fashion to kids on the street she is constantly at the forefront of the underground, her images and lifestyle are documenting the “now” of today. In Bloda‘s Choice she presents the people, places and things she wants LADYGUNN to know about. 
Today is XHOSA, a musician and model you will remember from her dynamic looks and sound.

whats your alter ego?

I greet everyone I encounter with a sense of love and respect because those are the ideas I like to promote in the world. My alter ego, on the other hand, is very fierce, thinks very highly of herself, lacks patience, and is ready to fight for everything she stands for. I think I overcompensate by softening my persona, but as I’ve grown I’ve learned I need my alter ego to accomplish and promote the ideals I stand for.
where do u go?
I’m very active and I always feel like I’m on the go. I lack that consistency in my life to have a specific place to retreat to. But lately, I’ve been trying to make my practice space in Bushwick my go-to place.
what is love?
Love is the unconditional patience, understanding, and initiative that you put into the growth of the object of your love. If the love doesn’t promote growth than it’s not necessarily real.
what does fashion mean to you?
Fashion doesn’t really mean as much to me as style does. True style is the self-expression that communicates who you are to the world without the exchange of words.
what are you dreaming about?
I’m constantly dreaming of a harmonious world. It has always been my mission to help make that a reality.







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