Ice Princess Persephone

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by /  Angelina Dreem
photos / Zach Sokol

In Greek Mythology, winter is personified by the story of Persephone. The story goes that Persephone was giggling and having a flirty teen moment on a gorgeous spring day. Probably frolicking somewhere around Prince St. and Mott St. when she saw a beautiful Narcissus flower flavored cupcake in the window.
She went to take a bite of the sweet designer treat, when suddenly Hades popped up pulling the bae into his underworld. This wasn’t a consensual dapple in S+M for sweet Persephone, and her mom Demeter, ruler of the harvest and fertility, was heart broken. She threw New York City unexpectedly into the depths of winter transforming Mott into a pile of snow covered trash bags, with ankle deep secret slush ponds abound, and wind chills that made Anna Wintour shade seem like a hallmark card.Persephone wandered through the underworld, tricked by Hades to become his ice princess, which was chill because it meant absolute power and unlimited Veuve Cliquot. Everyday was a little party that she attended alone.Finally Demeter struck a deal with Zeus, who was bothered by the lack of snowplowing, allowing Persephone to come home every spring. Thus, the hope of crop tops and bare legs frolicking in their Miu Miu skirts warms every young girl’s dreams during these cold nights of sadistic snowfall once again. So during this time of darkness, all dreamers must find ways to entertain themselves until spring.

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