gordon goes to art basel.

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story + pics / gordon holden

i went to art basel and couldn’t find the art fairs. Well i don’t know if i couldn’t find them, but i didn’t care because i was distracted from that first night once i saw Pam Anderson at the Delano hotel. u know the girl that was in that Borat movie? she looked a little bit older and a little bit more boyish with her new hair cut. and thats ok cause i was into it. i didn’t talk to her cause she’s famous. from that point on, I didn’t care to see the art, i just wanted to be star struck
There was Wu Tang at one place the Black Lips at another, ASAP Rocky somewhere else and Boy George at another place. Every where u walked it was crowded, there were lines and cover charges and a lot of topless french girls on the beach. I went in to the Versace Mansion with my friends russ and jesus, russ knew someone that would let us in. at the front they said it was full and no more people were allowed in, some blond girl came and got us. inside it was almost empty and they were displaying big prints of those Instagram photos of that guy with his girlfriend leading him somewhere in different exotic places. a max fish “pop up” bar where all the skateboarders went and pretended they were still in NYC. it was ok. I saw Adrien Grenier acting like he was still in the show Entourage at the Gale hotel, and David Arquette by the pool at the Shore Club. He said i looked sad, I didn’t respond, i was tired cause it was 4 am. The thing i found out with art basel is its exciting. “Things to see, people to do” was the motto of the week. and it ran true each day till about 4 am. The only thing i actually do want to say is that Theophilus London borrowed my macbook charger for his dj set at some place called 1 oak and never gave it back. so if any one knows him can u tell him to get it back to me. overall it was a nice time in the sun and fun place to meet up with people that could introduce you to other people.  and i guess the art was pretty good too.


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