Dylan Perlot, making a waves with his unique eye & style

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Dylan Perlot is the French Fashion Photographer you need to know! 

Born and raised in the French countryside, Dylan uses his childhood memories with the new life culture he discovered in America to create his beautiful imagery. You can find his stunning work for global clothing brands such as Nasty Gal but also for couture brands. 

In 2021, he shot the lookbook photography for Lever Couture, the well-known Ukrainian designer based in Los Angeles famous for her designs for Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Milla Jovovich. Dylan’s work for Lever Couture was nothing but breathtaking and featured a single model in a very minimalistic white set design in the middle of a field and mountains. When the images were released, it received outstanding reviews by the fashion industry, as well as being featured in Vogue Italia, making it a monumental success for the brand. 

Dylan Perlot’s work for an exclusive drop for the brand, Nasty Gal in August 2022.

When Dylan isn’t shooting look books or campaigns, you will most likely find him shooting a magazine cover with a celebrity. From capturing the French drag queen superstar, Nicky Doll to fashion icons like Daphne Guinness, Dylan’s editorial work has been published in numerous publications over the years such as: Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, L’Officiel and Grazia to name a few. Every time a new magazine cover drops, we can tell when Dylan Perlot was the photographer behind it. He has mastered the art of mixing softness and darkness effortlessly together making his style one of a kind and always aesthetically pleasing. 

Dylan Perlot shoots the host of Drag Race France, Nicky Doll, for the critically acclaimed print cover of Nylon France in March 2022. 


Asides from his work being internationally published and praised, he has also won awards for his photography. In 2020, his editorial “Love is Love” marks a clear statement and a call for universal love & acceptance. His photography received 2 Best Photograph awards in India as well as being selected in 7 other international competitions. This win didn’t stop him from achieving more with his photo series “Fleeting Dimensions” winning the “Los Angeles Photography Award” in February 2023. The series plays with shapes and dimensions using pops of colors to bring out a strong and soft energy we can’t take our eyes off of.  

2023 award-winning photo series “Fleeting Dimensions” by Dylan Perlot.

It comes with no surprise that Dylan Perlot has made a name for himself. His achievements never cease to amaze us at Lady Gunn and we can not wait to see what’s in store for the incredible artist, Dylan Perlot. 

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