Branded Arts takes over the Chinese Theatre.

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story / Jordan Blakeman
photos / Robiee Ziegler

Muralists covered the red carpet at the historic Chinese Theatre painting live backdrops as photographers and attendees entered over the venue’s famous signatures and handprints for an evening deviating from the traditionally film-centric norm. Branded Arts, well-known for curating large-scale murals and coordinating arts-driven events with renowned artists throughout Los Angeles, hosted and organized a pop up exhibition to benefit Vista del Mar Child and Family Services. Over 75 artists participated in the fundraiser while hip-hop legend Talib Kweli kept the night running smoothly with energy-inducing tunes. Several live painters joined Kweli in the main lobby showcasing to viewers how they construct their individual style. Many of the artists on view were present at the event to talk about their work, style, influences, and how the arts community was so vital to them growing up and shaping them into the artist they are today. “Our goal is to engage and inspire people through the arts. We thought this would be a great way to do so,” Branded Arts founder Warren Brand shared when asked what drove him to taking on such a large endeavor. With many public schools cutting back arts education, these artists, and Branded Arts itself, feel it is their duty to inspire youth with art and what better way than with the medium itself?

John Park.

Clinton Bopp.

Brittany Segal.

Earlier this year, Branded Arts brought street artist Buff Monster to Vista Del Mar to collaborate with its young students on creating a mural. Emulating his colorful, Candyland-esque style, the children created their own zany characters to include in a design on a nearby wall. The kids were entrusted with not only the creation of the project but also its completion, donning on protective eyewear and learning how to use spraypaint to be actively involved in all aspects of the artwork. View the project and its participants in its entirety here. The students were given the opportunity to create something concrete and Branded Arts hopes to be able to give this sense of accomplishment to more youth across the board. At a previous fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Club of America, the organization auctioned off one-of-a-kind basketballs with participating artists adorning the balls with their particular style. They’ve committed to the community for the long-haul and are bound to continue to inspire and expand with each project they decide to tackle. At 5 years young, there’s no telling how tall Branded Arts will grow. Follow Branded Arts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on their future collaborations and charity events.

Artists participating in the benefit include Saber, Cryptik, Yoskay Yamamoto, Mear One, Dabs Myla, Hebru Brantley, Axis, Andrew Hem, Cleon Peterson, Zeser, Tristan Eaton, David Flores, Cyrcle, Mark Dean Veca, DevNGosha, John Park, Dan Quintana, Curiot, Clinton Bopp, Buff Monster, Hans Walor, Billy Morrison, Joey Feldman, Mad Steez, Nosego, Adam Builds, Shark Toof, Angelina Christina, Annie Preece, Woes Martin, Luke Chueh, Steven Daily, Birdman, Bridget Weiser, Brittany Segal, Canlove, Chor Boogie, Conway Bongo, Craft, Danny Minnick, Gregory Siff, David Gardner, Drew Merrit, Ekundayo, Eric O’neill, Golgo, Skyler Grey, Jaime Becker, Jennifer Korsen, Joshua Keen Valencia, Joshua Petker, Lisa Reider, Mathew Curran, Matt Dimon, Maximillian Xavier, NDSLA, Norm Maxwell, Paige Smith, Quam Odunsi, Rooney Hardwick, Ross Morrison, Sean McCarthy, Surgio “Surge” Hernandez, Urbyn Michaels, Wyatt Mills, Nori Pesina, Shanna Yates, Rony Alwin, Shanna Yates, and Charlie Edmiston. We previously featured Lisa Reider and David Flores prior to the event.

The exhibition also had on view private collection works by Banksy, Shepard Fairey, D*Face, Kenny Scharf, Kaws, Herakut, Jeremy Geddes, Miss Van, Audrey Kawasaki, Swoon, and Mark Ryden. Rebel, Slim Jeff, and Physical Poets performed alongside Talib Kweli’s live DJ set in the main lobby.

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